Day in Fort William with 3 year old

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Gushpanka Mon 23-Jul-18 00:24:24

Dh taking car and older kids to do some adventure activities and I'll be all day with 3 year old in Fort William. Any advice on what to do?

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 23-Jul-18 17:21:40

Watch the steam train departing and arriving from the station. It departs at 10:15 and 2:30 each day and arrives at 16:00.
Visit the Nevis Centre for soft play
Go on a boat cruise
Visit the library

Gushpanka Mon 23-Jul-18 19:50:56

Do you think worth doing the steam train? Or would 3 year old get bored?
I could stay in oban instead, i wonder if that might be better?

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Ricekrispie22 Tue 24-Jul-18 05:23:15

Yes, stay in Oban. There's a swimming pool and an extensive soft play centre.
Take the ferry to the Isle of Mull. Ballamory is filmed in Tobermory on Mull and you can see all the houses that the characters live in. Also all merchandise available! Tobermory is a lovely fishing village to stroll along. There is a big playground on the west side of Tobermory, just after Josie Jump’s house on the left.

AGrinWithoutACat Tue 24-Jul-18 05:35:08

There is a Sealife centre between Oban and Fort William - was there the other day with DC (3) and she had a whale of a time grin


Otters, Seals (2 baby ones being reared for release) as well as tanks of fish, a touch pool - there are lots of learning activities and a nature trail walk

AGrinWithoutACat Tue 24-Jul-18 05:36:40

Opps extra n sneaked into that url


AGrinWithoutACat Tue 24-Jul-18 05:37:15

And did it again blush

blackteaplease Tue 24-Jul-18 06:00:02

Do they still have a library in town? That will kill some time, there's also a swimming pool in fort William. Alternatively if the weather's nice a potter round the old fort and along the shore might be nice.

Gushpanka Tue 24-Jul-18 16:27:58

Weather's meant to be lovely.

We've done the balamory visit (older kids were more excited as they actually remember the show!)

The trouble is being car-less but think I'll stay in oban as also less time in car for dd who gets restless quickly.

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Gushpanka Tue 24-Jul-18 16:31:32

Aaah, there's a bus to sealife from oban. Ok, that's doable.

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blackteaplease Tue 24-Jul-18 21:02:05

Definitely go to the sea life center if you can bus there. I loved it there as a child.

Chocolatecoin Tue 24-Jul-18 21:06:06

Get the cable car up the mountain, it’s brilliant! Also, I think watching the steam train is more fun than riding it.

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