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Kent mumsnetters please can you help?

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time4me Sat 28-Apr-07 23:34:36

Our disabled son is staying at Owl Barn,Halls Green,near Sevenoaks.
Can you recommend a Hotel nearby that we can stay in? Many thanks for this.
We are popping over to France for a few days and travelling back from Paris via Eurostar on the friday.We arrive back in Ashford at 4pm.
I haven`t a clue how long it would take us to drive from Ashford to Sevenoaks,but it would be lovely to think we have a nice Hotel at the end,not too expensive,( apparently there is no Travelodge in Sevenoaks but one not too far away from Halls Green is fine )
We are coming from the North so haven`t a clue,please help! Thank you very much

triplets Mon 30-Apr-07 00:44:49

Can anyone help time4me, I live in Deal in Kent so don`t know that area very well, come on MNetters!

triplets Mon 30-Apr-07 00:50:50

Hi, try this website, jusy had a quick look for you,
put in Sevenoaks and there was lots of options, good luck!

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