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Doing research. Potentially buying a holiday business in Suffolk

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StrumpersPlunkett Mon 12-Jun-17 21:12:20

We love Suffolk.
We have found a holiday business near aldeburgh.
Is it somewhere you would visit and what would you want accommodation to include?
Thanks 👍

MissBeehiving Mon 12-Jun-17 21:59:03

We have a holiday business on the North Norfolk Coast (self catering barns) and according to the feedback that guests leave, they like:

The hot tubs
The beach hut
Dog friendliness - enclosed garden, dog treats, outside warm water dog shower
Good quality linen and towels
Slippers and toiletries
Welcome pack
Location and views
Decent wifi and Netflix
Modern stylish decor - it needs to be better than the guests own home.
Good quality appliances and tech

There are other things that people like but these are the main ones. From and owners perspective, the electronic access locks we installed mean that we don't have to faff about with keys.

StrumpersPlunkett Mon 12-Jun-17 22:23:23

Ooh sounds great. Thanks.
Hadn't thought about lots of those😀

annandale Mon 12-Jun-17 23:52:15

OK personally no grin because I had a semi-terminal row with my XH on Aldeburgh beach a million years ago.

I agree with the dog-friendliness - not that we have a dog, but when we did, finding nice accommodation that would take dogs was like gold dust. Wifi too.

If it's an area where you can do watersports then things like being able to borrow wetsuits would be a big deal for me but maybe others prefer to have their own.

thereinmadnesslies Mon 12-Jun-17 23:58:54

We love aldeburgh for day trips from Cambridge. Amazing fish and chips. I'm not sure how much there is to do for a whole week, so maybe some leaflets and suggestions.

puckingfixies Tue 13-Jun-17 00:09:25

Check out the location and accommodation reviews on trip advisor and homeaway/owners direct for feedback on existing properties and check availability - if it's a popular resort most properties should be fairly well booked up now for summer, if there is still a lot of availability the market may well already be saturated. You can also check the facilities of the current properties, there may be a shortage of dog friendly accomm or cottages with hot tubs or larger properties, you may spot another gap in the market that your property could fill.

RTKangaMummy Tue 13-Jun-17 00:47:15

Think about true disability access

I am in wheelchair and places say they are wheelchair friendly but they forget about a step to get in front door

Go round with buggy with bottles of water in or bowls of water then you will notice steps that you don't even notice that they are there cos water will spill

It won't be their fault just that they genuinely don't notice them

Good luck smilesmilesmile

MissBeehiving Tue 13-Jun-17 07:39:23

Your proximity to the coast will be a big selling point - make sure the business name reflects that. really good profession photos are essential.

Are you letting through an agent or doing it yourself or a bit of both?

MissBeehiving Tue 13-Jun-17 07:40:57 have some really good advice.

underneaththeash Tue 13-Jun-17 14:41:23

We self cater quite a lot in the the UK. We like:

hot tubs
A decent well-equipped kitchen
A BBQ and a private outside area to BBQ and sit in
Sky TV
Decent Wifi connections
King size beds in the master bedroom
Somewhere safe for the children to run about and explore.

Things that would put me off include:

Anything doggy. As a parent I don't know if someone else's dog is going to be safe and child-friendly plus they leave a doggy smell.
Aga - a good oven is much easier to cook on
Small beds, especially ones with footboards.
Thin curtains that don't block out the light.

Location wise we're not bothered about it being a short drive from the beach, but we like a pub/restaurant within walking distance.

SquirmOfEels Tue 13-Jun-17 14:56:53

Two really good information packs

a) everything you can think of about the property, how heating/appliances/locks/wifi work and who to call if they don't (probably you with a 24/7 dedicated mobile, but have a fall back too) plus arrangements for bins, AND in this one local information such as nearest doctor, A&E, emergency dentist, pharmacy rotas, nearby supermarkets (and which ones deliver to the address) and their opening hours, market days, other admin

b) 'what to do' Information - local attractions, life-guarded beaches (and parking info), tide table, cycle hire shops, walking trails, nearby sports facilities, clubs which welcome visitors, etc. More the better, check frequently all info is in date

And put both of them somewhere blazingky obvious! Because I was somewhere where they were stuffed in a cupboard and I found them only on the last day when I was checking I hadn't left anything behind.

CrazedZombie Tue 13-Jun-17 15:01:49

Ex MIL lives in Aldeburgh.
It's apparently very popular with Boden types from London who come up for the weekend.
Last time I was there, Jeremy Irons was browsing in a shop.

StrumpersPlunkett Tue 13-Jun-17 21:17:55

Wow fab responses. Thank you. X

Chattymummyhere Sun 18-Jun-17 13:57:53

One thing about self catering in the U.K. Is you want all the luxuries still. Hot tubs, dishwasher, washer/dryer, decent furniture for outside dining, a good BBQ, a fenced/decked areas with gate to keep in kids/dogs or to keep them out. Nice views be that the sea or of countryside, make sure you allow home delivery shopping. A nice welcome pack.

I'm not fussed about wifi and sky as I like to keep the kids off if for a week but the option is nice, information on things to do near by including things like cycle hire.

RTKangaMummy Sun 18-Jun-17 15:16:23

If you are allowing dogs then details of a recommended vets please

Including a 24/7 phone number for vet (even if different one from the best one in area, although if the one thought of as the best also has 24/7 emergency cover - obviously costs more for emergency)

Iwantacampervan Mon 19-Jun-17 17:06:24

I must be odd as the only items I would like are wifi, outside chairs/table, sun shade/umbrella if it's too hot, fenced garden if we're taking the dog. Anything else is a luxury as we don't have any of them at home apart from a washing machine.
I like a selection of books to read and games to play/jigsaws. Guide books, maps and books with local walks would be brilliant plus tourist info leaflets particularly any with vouchers or offers. If you know of an event happening locally you could publicise it.

ProfYaffle Mon 19-Jun-17 17:11:21

"It's apparently very popular with Boden types from London who come up for the weekend."


I live about 40 mins away, us semi locals appreciate cheap weekends in the off season grin

Mothervulva Mon 19-Jun-17 17:11:45

Boden wearing Londoner here, who regularly visits Aldeburgh and stays in rental properties.

Are you actually in Aldeburgh?

I try and book ones that have little gardens my toddlers can go out in and have the bits and pieces that go with having kids. Highchair, travel cot etc.

susurration Sun 25-Jun-17 18:02:00

We stayed in luxury accommodation near Bury St Edmunds last summer, loved it.

We only ever holiday in the UK, because I hate flying, so a bit of luxury/something different to home is what we really love. Our list would include:

King size bed as a minimum, with choices of pillows
Good power shower
Dishwasher (not too fussed about washing machine, I've never actually used one on holiday but can see it would be useful somewhere you might do a lot of muddy walking)
a private outdoor seating area and BBQ
either a nice view or the private outdoor area nicely made up
A hot tub would be bliss, if somewhere you get a lot of good weather, which in the suffolk area you should do?
Modern, clean, up to date and carefully looked after interiors
For us we'd prefer somewhere with no pets allowed.
Good local information, and a good information pack about the accommodation itself too.
Parking space is essential.

Mondy Sun 25-Jun-17 21:53:19

When we look for holiday cottages, the main things we look for:
Car parking (doesn't necessarily need to be reserved parking, street parking is fine if there's always space available),
towels and bed linen inclusive,
outside seating area with furniture,
photographs of all the rooms,
good standard of decoration; with a relaxing feel to it,
a friendly approach to the description (i.e. not a long list of rules),
information about decent eating places nearby (from fish and chips all the way up to gourmet restaurants; it's all useful information).

Not essential, but desirable is a hot tub.

From previous experience, just having wifi, a hot tub, and car parking will put you streets ahead of most holiday cottages out there!

Mondy Sun 25-Jun-17 21:54:45

Ooh, forgot dishwasher! Our kitchen at home is tiny and too small to accommodate one, so having one on holiday feels like the ultimate luxury!

Spottyladybird Sun 25-Jun-17 21:54:55

I'm a Suffolk girl and go to lots of self catering holidays too:
- No dogs- I don't want a damp dog smell and wouldn't want the kids going where they'd been.
- Enough toilets- at least two
- Nice, clean high chairs and cots.
- Fenced in outdoor area
- Nice welcome pack- a few pastries from Orford would be good!
- Lots of towels
-Beach stuff

seasonschooner Sat 08-Jul-17 19:29:06

I love Suffolk!
Accepts dogs
No deposit it feels controlling. Need to have a contigency for crap guests and not tar everyone with the same brush.
Make us feel important amd not just part of a money-making operation.
Modern clean simple decor - good quality furniture etc.
Enclosed garden.
Something to entertain children, box of well thought out games and books.
An interesting garden.
Good security/ fire safety.
Collection of information on surrounding area.
No hot tub!
Outside games for children
Welcome pack wine or cake
Condiments etc
Quality cutlery/ crockery.
Excellent beds - please test!
100% cotton linen and towels.

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