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Pinkpeanut27 Sun 19-Feb-17 09:01:06

I have rashly booked an Easter break in Weymouth with my inlaws . Any good tips of things to do with 2 14 yr olds a 7 yr old and 2 nearly 80 yr olds !
Last time I did it we had a rainy week in nirrh Devon and I swore never again !
Also goodcplaces to eat especially for Sunday lunch .

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 19-Feb-17 09:07:47

Skate Park, Sealife Center and crazy golf are all near each other
A different lunch and if the weather is good is The Jailhouse Cafe on Portland, just past the IRC The Verne.
Monkey World and Bovington tank museum are a few miles apart near Wool
Steam train to Swanage possibly?
There are water sports activities that you could look into for 14 year olds such as kayaking, windsurfing, coasteering
Can't help on the Sunday lunch sorry

Pinkpeanut27 Sun 19-Feb-17 09:56:06

Brilliant I think that covers the week!

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