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Beach Recommendations - I'm demanding!

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DirectorofDomesticLogistics Sun 28-Aug-16 13:09:45

Hello! I'm after Beach recommendations for a daytrip with my Mum and two boys (3yrs and 20months) please but I have a list of criteria I'd quite like the beach to meet...

*Within 3 hours of Buckinghamshire
*Sandy not stony
*Good parking (we'd previously settled on Clacton, but lack of parking info on Google worries me as we won't be arriving until 11am-ish)
* Only a short walk to sea at low tide as my 3 yr loves paddling and don't want to have to walk miles
* Some amenities such as shops/toilets/cafes/chip shop

We absolutely love Weymouth Beach but it is just too far away for a Daytrip. We also like Walton on the Naze, but the day we plan on visiting (Tuesday 30th August) High Tide is at 10.30am and I know the Beach completely disappears at HT.

Told you I was demanding! Does the kind of Beach I covet exist in real life??

FanSpamTastic Sun 28-Aug-16 13:20:49

West Wittering - provided it is not too windy! Lots of parking but it does get busy on a hot weekend - slightly better in the week. Has facilities and good cafe. Down tiny roads so can be congested route in the holidays. But we have been there on lovely sunny days and driven straight in.

superram Sun 28-Aug-16 13:21:29

West wittering/Worthing

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