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Welford-on-avon - Can anyone suggest some good places to go with the kids?

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waitingwaiting Wed 20-Jul-16 13:37:54

I'm heading off to a holiday cottage near Welford-On-Avon next week and as I don't know the area very well I was hoping someone would be kind to give some suggestions about where are good places to go with the kids and our dog. Is there a nice forest walk? or maybe a nice safe river / stream where we can picnic and paddle? interesting places to visit... for kids!!?
Your help on this is much appreciated!
Thank you! Nic

DubiousCredentials Thu 21-Jul-16 11:53:33

Not sure there is much to do in Welford itself, it is a small village. However The Bell is an absolutely gorgeous pub that does outstanding food, definitely give it a try. There is also a pub near the river called The Four Alls which is popular although I have never been there. There is another pub in the village (might be The Shakespeare?) that is good too. Nice garden if I remember correctly.

Just out of Welford is The Greenway which is an old railway line. It has been made into a footpath/cycle path and runs from Long Marston to Stratford on Avon. If you have bikes with you it is definitely worth a look as it in long and scenic and flat so easy on the legs. Nice for a walk with the dog too though.

All Things Wild in Honeybourne is a good day out if your children are primary age. Not sure if the dog could go too though.

Your best bet for things to do in the area is to search on here for threads asking for things to do in Stratford on Avon as it is just down the road and has much more to offer. Welford is a very posh lovely village though. Not sure about paddling in the river but there are some lovely picnic spots near to the river, by the Four Alls.

Definitely eat at The Bell though!!

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