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Ribby Hall or Centre parcs

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snowydrops Tue 09-Feb-16 11:42:16

We are looking at going for a weekend at the end of April with DD1 (4) and DD2 (1). We've been to centeparcs before just with DD1 but she wouldn't go in the creche. She is a lot more confident now at pre school so perhaps she would do but it's not guaranteed. The smaller the creche the more likely she would do (I think).

Any opinions on which is nicer? We would go to the Sherwood or Whinefell centreparcs as they're closer (both 2hr drive) or Ribby Hall is about an hour. We haven't been there and I'm interested in opinions / experiences.

Both are around the same price for a weekend but I remember activities at Centre parcs being very pricey...I don't think we would do all that much other than bikes and the pool but a few things for the kids would be good e.g. arts and crafts, ballet etc.

Any thoughts welcome :-)

namechangedtoday15 Tue 09-Feb-16 20:03:25

Ribby Hall is really second rate compared to Center parcs. The pool is like a local council run pool. I've heard others say that the accommodation is better at Ribby Hall but we've only been in the Woodland lodges at Elveden and I thought it was similar standard.

I think you'd have to go off site at Ribby Hall to have enough to do. I don't think you have to spends lots at Center parcs to enjoy. Can't comment on creche as we didn't use anything like that. Definitely center parcs.

snowydrops Wed 10-Feb-16 10:06:43

Thanks for the tip! I will defo stick with centre parcs in that case then.

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