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Talk to me about centreparcs sherwood

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lisalisa Thu 04-Feb-16 22:26:02

We usually go to Ekvedon or Woburn - book early ish and get a reasonable deal . This year we couldn't book early and are now looking at Feb half term . Prices for Woburn and Elvedon very high . Sherwoid much more reasonable for the same type of Lodge. I've had a mooch on trip advisor and it seeks to say on many reviews that it's like a glorified housing estate now with all the new lodges being built and overall it's a bit old and tired looking . Sort of like the poor man of the group - perhaps why prices Lower? confused is this true? What's your impression of sherwoid if you've been any tips at all ?

sammassammas Thu 04-Feb-16 22:30:44

Currently sat in one of the very last comfort plus lodges (before they are knocked down) at sherwood. We previously have always been to elvden and in my opinion sherwood is rubbish but we have 2 ds 4 and 3 the kids stuff is much better at elvden and the layout is much easier to navigate. If you dont have kids it's very much of a muchness

SpeedingSnail Thu 04-Feb-16 22:36:31

We have been to Woburn, elveden and sherwood, we prefer sherwood. The pool is much better than at Woburn but not as good as elveden but overall sherwood is nicest.

lisalisa Thu 04-Feb-16 22:43:20

Speeding snail why is it nicest ?

Sammassammas why do u find sherwood rubbish ? Do they not offer the same activities as Woburn or Elvedon ?

Stuckerooni Thu 04-Feb-16 22:49:59

We found sherwood main pool far nicer than Woburn, but the toddler areas not as nice.

Sherwood more established, so we preferred the feel of the overall area, planting etc. but not been in a year so not sure how building has affected it.

We don't do activities but believe they're pretty comparable

sammassammas Thu 04-Feb-16 22:59:13

My negatives for sherwood

Lots of building work (good in long term but talking to staff will be this way for next 2 years)
Roads seem very busy lots of centre pars vehicles lots of builders vans and deliveries and lots of normal cars (carpark not gated like Elveden)
Layout not as easy everything is split up
The park it self is very hilly and with 2 little ones makes getting about on foot more of a chore.
Nearly all lodges have steps to them most with a buggy bikes scooters struggle in some way
No Bella Italia (personal prefernece)

RumAppleGinger Thu 04-Feb-16 23:00:00

We've been to sherwood and whinfell. Our lodge was exactly the same in both. I thought the swimming pool at sherwood was much better, larger, better rapids, better slides etc. I prefer that it's a much flatter site (two kids in a bike trailer up a hill four times a day took its toll in whinfell!). DS1 loved the den building activity that wasn't available at the other one. The choices of restaurants etc were pretty much the same.

Is it cheaper because it's one of the older style lodges you are looking at?

sammassammas Thu 04-Feb-16 23:03:44

Also elvedens kids pool is so much better far more to keep people occupied and as it's is slightly separate better for everyone else as well

starfish8 Sun 13-Mar-16 20:42:51

We have just come back from Sherwood (2nd timer) on Friday. It's the only one I've been to, we're North West between Sherwood and Whinfell, and have heard several reports that Sherwood is better as Whinfell was originally an Oasis park and not the usual set up?

We stay in the 2 bed 2 storey accom right by the spa which suits us and our young son. As you walk from that side into the centre, (SE side of the of the park on the map) a lot of these woodland lodges are looking tired from the outside at least and could tell the furnishings inside were old.

When we went walking one of the days, I commented how the lodges on the West side of the park (by the Country Club) seem much newer, so I'd try to get one of those if you could. I think at the time of booking, I noticed there were some 3 bed Execs on that side of the parc only, so you didn't need to pay their stupid 'pick a unit' charge. This would have been too far out for us with our just 2 year old son, so were happy to be where we were by the spa and a quick walk to the centre.

Overall, we really enjoyed our second stay at Sherwood but I don't have anything to compare to. I think the pool overall is really good, but the toddler bit is pretty old and tired. (Typical, that was the only bit my son wanted to go in!). Otherwise, restaurants and village centre nice, we had a good couple of meals out but usually self cater mostly.

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