Please vote in my unscientific holiday poll....

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nonsense0name Wed 23-Sep-15 14:35:16

UK family holiday next year, no must have's (no special needs etc), lacking any real location inspiration so......

Book ahead and get something I like the look of and chance the weather


Book last minute when the weather looks good but end up choosing from the left overs

That's it....thanks

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Thumbcat Wed 23-Sep-15 14:43:18

Book ahead for somewhere nice and choose somewhere with plenty to do if the weather's pants.

mummymeister Thu 24-Sep-15 15:41:28

always book ahead. always. particularly if it is school holidays. a travel agent friend once told me "the last minute holiday deals are actually the ones no one else wants and you have to ask yourself why that is" I always do what thumbcat advises.

AnyoneButAndre Thu 24-Sep-15 15:47:42

Changing location within the UK won't make any significant difference to the weather, the only thing that would change that would be picking a different week. Can you afford to be completely flexible about which week you go or do you have to book leave from work in advance?

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