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Another Centerparcs thread - Woburn Vs Longleat please for anyone who's been to both.

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sweetheart Fri 18-Sep-15 12:03:06

We are about to book a weekend break at Centerparcs. We usually go to Longleat because it's closest, we like that it's spread out and hilly and the kids LOVE the rapids.

As Woburn is the same distance away we are thinking of trying there instead. I've read some reviews that say it's really hilly - is it more hilly than Longleat.

Also what are the rapids like? It's where my kids spend most of their time and they would be really disappointed if the rapids at Woburn were rubbish.


cestlavielife Mon 21-Sep-15 14:30:43

Different hilly to Longleat. Not as much of a valkey. Woburn doesn't have the boardwalk down to the lake. But some hills to cycle down or up. Woburn smaller. There is a bridleway circling outside the cp for a longer cycle . (Get an os map )

Rapids good you land in flat area not a plunge pool. Indoor Pool rides good - single double and four person rubber ring rides.

MamaDuckling Tue 22-Sep-15 08:01:15

Just back from Woburn and not been to Longleat since I was a teen myself... But is argue that Woburn doesn't quite have the CP magic.
Woburn - It's a bit small, great for us with young baby but think older kids might tire of it. Rapids not as fun (in my opinion!), and no outdoor pool or jacuzzi which is part of the fun at Longleat.
Could argue that accommodation at Woburn is nicer/newer, but it depends what type of villa you go for. I was also a bit disappointed with the Sports/Activity area, it felt a bit like a soulless aircraft hanger!
If your kids are used to Longleat and live it, I'd be tempted to stick.

MamaDuckling Tue 22-Sep-15 08:01:32

*Love it

ukgirlatheart Tue 22-Sep-15 15:46:42

We love Sherwood because of the rapids, same as you thought we'd go to Woburn for a change and only an hours drive.

Hated it!!!! Pool was way to small and the whole place just appeared too well ... "new" and "under developed". Of course the accommodation is great as all newly built, but definately not for us, maybe in 10-15 years time

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