Haven camping - Wild Duck or Golden Sands?

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AndHarry Fri 24-Apr-15 23:05:45

I'll be taking the DC away for a midweek camping break in August. I like the idea of using one of the Haven sites as a base as then we'll have access to the swimming pool. I'm in Bedfordshire and don't want to go too far in case the weather's awful or we decide to come home early for another reason. DH will be at work so it's just going to be me and the two DC (5 and 2) and I'm a little bit scared I won't be able to put up the tent by myself.

Both Golden Sands in Lincolnshire and Wild Duck near Great Yarmouth look ideal; any experiences of either?

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LostAgainToday Fri 24-Apr-15 23:10:03

I'm told Golden Sands is lovely and has a lovely beach. At least I'm thinking of the right place my DM raves about.

Will check with her tomorrow and come back..

I'm sure someone with useful knowledge will be along shortly..

LostAgainToday Fri 24-Apr-15 23:11:17

I hope I'm thinking of the right place..

AndHarry Fri 24-Apr-15 23:29:44

Thanks Lost. I'm tempted by the beach right next to the site but I think it might be a lot busier than Wild Ducks and I don't mind a short drive.

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LostAgainToday Sat 25-Apr-15 10:15:38

Hello again,

I've given her a ring and it is the site she likes. She says the beach is lovely and it is great for kids. If you are camping you will get passes to use the facilities (swimming pool etc) - but am sure you already know this.

Apparently it is close to Skegness and there are little villages around it for a wander and things to do.

Thorpe Park is close?

She says it will definitely be busy in August if course but if the weather is right the lovely beach is a big draw. She has booked to go for 10 days in August in her tourer!

Hope you enjoy wherever you go smile

LostAgainToday Sat 25-Apr-15 10:17:14

Sorry, just realised you already mentioned the facilities in your OP..

AndHarry Sat 25-Apr-15 18:56:49

Brilliant, thanks!

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AndHarry Sat 25-Apr-15 19:05:12

I've managed to rope SIL into bringing the DN's so at least I'll have a hand with the tent!

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Branleuse Sun 26-Apr-15 10:38:33

wild duck is really nice

123rd Thu 30-Apr-15 18:54:06

Wild duck is nice. A small site, and club. The on site restaurant is good value. And Gorleston beach a 10 min drive is fab.

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