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lovenancy Sun 29-Mar-15 14:18:24

I'm looking for a hotel for 1 night in May. We'll be arriving at Waterloo and need to get to a hotel, dump stuff and change before getting to Buckingham Palace. Budget is max £250 for a night and I'd like something nice. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Earlybird Sun 29-Mar-15 14:46:40

Have never stayed here, but it has been recommended on MN before by those who have.

The area isn't the most lovely, but would definitely be convenient for Buckingham Palace.

lovenancy Sun 29-Mar-15 20:16:17

Thanks Earlybird, will have a look.

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Hassled Sun 29-Mar-15 20:22:23

The Royal Horseguards Hotel is lovely - close to St James' Park/BP.

JanineStHubbins Sun 29-Mar-15 20:23:08

Hazlitts in Soho is v special

Artandco Sun 29-Mar-15 20:25:04

You should go on booking .com and type in exact date. The costs change a lot according to day/ weekend/ if event on nearby etc.

For £250 you can still stay in a nice hotel in Mayfair if it's not fri/ sat

Murdermysteryreader Sun 29-Mar-15 20:27:51

There's the H10 in Waterloo a Spanish chain nice. double tree hiltons are all over London and they are nice too.

TheDuckSaysMoo Sun 29-Mar-15 20:28:54

Park plaza Westminster is lovely and right beside waterloo. Nice food - even in room service. I wouldn't say the same for the Victoria one linked to above. Lovely 20 min walk to the palace past Westminster and through the park. Approx £180.

Magmatic80 Sun 29-Mar-15 20:29:48

Park plaza county hall. ACE with kids

Magmatic80 Sun 29-Mar-15 20:30:54

Also, whatever rate you find in 3rd party site like, phone the hotel and they'll match it for you to book direct.

MmeMorrible Sun 29-Mar-15 20:37:10

Another vote for Park Plaza County Hall. Stayed with the kids last summer & it was lovely. Try & book one of their suites with a private terrace overlooking the London Eye, sometimes they offer great rates to upgrade to these after booking!

As others have said its a great location & the best hands down for kids. They get a welcome pack & plaza dollars to spend in the hotel bar on ice cream!

lovenancy Sun 29-Mar-15 21:58:22

Thanks to you all! We'll be child free and going to see her Maj! Going to look at all your recommendations.

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