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Childfree night away, not too far from London, lovely hotel and restaurant but not megabucks

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TheEnduringMoment Sun 11-Jan-15 20:08:13

I seem to have said it all in my title. DH and I have got the possibility of a single night away, quite close to our 20th wedding anniversary.

For only one night it needs to be relatively close to our home in London, but not actually in London, possibly accessible by train although we could drive I guess.

We'd like a really nice hotel and a great meal out, either in the hotel restaurant or at a restaurant within walking distance in a small town. he obvious choice is Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, where we've never been, but it appears to cost the thick end of a grand for a meal for two and a night's stay.

Can anyone think of anywhere that's nearly as nice but would cost less than 500 quid? thanks

Notstayingup Sun 11-Jan-15 20:11:54

The Grove near Watford is lovely

Ruthiebabes Sun 11-Jan-15 20:29:06

Yes look at The Grove

TheEnduringMoment Sun 11-Jan-15 20:35:54

Thanks, I'll give that a look.

Anyone else?

Princesspond Tue 13-Jan-15 00:01:40

Not in the same league as Le Manoir obviously but, the George in Rye is lovely and Rye is very pretty for a wander with lots of tea shops etc and a short distance from the beach at Camber if you fancy some bracing sea air. I've seen a Groupon or travelzoo deal recently (but prob mid-week)

Alexander house more of a retreat / spa both an hour from london

jugglingmonkey Tue 13-Jan-15 08:24:04

The Bingham in Richmond is fabulous, but is edge of London, not outside... Cannizzaro House in Wimbledon Village also lovely and feels like a country pile! The Wheatsheaf in the Cotswolds (now has some sister hotels in Cheltenham I think, also worth a look), and The Pig in New Forest, both excellent with good dining options.

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