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England- Centreparcs/ Legoland/ Haven/ ideas and help!

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PopPig Sun 16-Nov-14 11:10:18

We are thinking of holidaying in England next year and I have started to look around and I am getting more and more confused! We have 2 dc ages 5 and 10. We would be coming from Ireland (can get the ferry to Cairnryan or Liverpool or Holyhead).

We have heard such great reports about Centreparcs were looking at going there (Cumbria or Sherwood) then possibly driving on to LEGOLAND- but would then need to break up the drive back with a stay somewhere? Also centreparcs is very expensive!

Does anyone have any hints/tips/recommendations for our first holiday in England with children of these ages?

tywysogesgymraeg Sun 16-Nov-14 11:12:57

Try Bluestone in Pembrokeshire. Better than Centerparks and closer for you too (ferry to Pembs)

PopPig Sun 16-Nov-14 13:32:23

Oh that looks fabulous thanks

tywysogesgymraeg Sun 16-Nov-14 15:57:08

Quite a lot to do in the area too. Fab beaches, lots if stuff.

HTH :-)

PopPig Mon 17-Nov-14 19:25:29

Really helpful thank you.
Does anyone know if there is anything similar in England- possibly Liverpool direction?

serin Tue 18-Nov-14 21:06:09

Alton Towers attraction?

Gullivers World at Matlock and Warrington has hotels I think (but it's not exactly Disneyland!) Closer to Liverpool though.

Kelling heath in Norfolk is lovely as is Clippesby Hall.

serin Tue 18-Nov-14 21:09:09

.....and Holgates in Lancashire.

PopPig Wed 19-Nov-14 19:10:53

Oooh thanks serin I'll check those out.

rita68 Wed 19-Nov-14 19:15:35

Not sure what your budget is, but we had a really nice short break at a Haven caravan park in May 2013. We were lucky with the weather, but for children aged 15, twins aged 13 and a 5 year old, it was surprisingly lovely. The evening entertainment thing wasn't for us but it was right by a beach, and had an indoor and an outdoor pool, loads of activities and obviously you don't have to stay on the park, you can get out and about in the local area. We'd do it again.

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