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Butlins Skegness is booked - give me your best hints - tips etc!

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I8toys Thu 21-Feb-13 17:50:23

We always go silver self catering in Skeg.

Warm, waterproof clothes - it is very windy.
Take extra towels with you.
If you are self catered take more than you need as the shop is expensive.
Agree with dvds and winebox for when kids are asleep
I always get a few new toys etc to take with me as the toy shop is extortionate but of course they always want the billy bear teddy.

Get itinerary and plan what you want to do. We always do this first.
We book sky bar tickets so that we can see the shows and not have to queue - be prepared to queue if not and get there in good time if you want a good seat. Always take snacks and drinks and colouring stuff while they wait for shows - lots of space for them to run around in Skyline Pavilion.

Go to the swimming pool first thing as it can get get messy quickly

Bob's yard with free teacups/aeroplanes rides etc are great for little ones and a few rides in the fairground they can go on.

Take advantage of the messy play sessions - they do painting and crafts - gets you out of the main areas as they can get busy- think you need to book. Does my head in at times so need some quiet times.

There is also the nursery - there is a free soft play area there which is good but not been there for a while as my two are older but we spent a long time in there in years past especially if weather is bad.

It is what it is - its not for you but your kids. Keep that in mind and you will have a sort of good time. People watch!!

Loz1980 Sat 16-Feb-13 23:55:56

Hi newbie, I've only ever been to Butlins in Minehead but I've been going with my family for the last 7 years as it's absolutely brilliant fun for kids! As far as what to pack the only thing I can think you'd definitely need is antibacterial hand gel! They have dispensers dotted around the resort but as there are so many people in close proximity I'd definitely recommend having some to hand and making sure you get the kids to use it regularly. The only other thing I'd suggest is to always use straws in drinks as sometimes the glasses in venues can be a bit dirty! I'm sounding like I've got OCD or something but honestly I've heard of a lot of people getting tummy bugs after staying at Butlins so it's best to be safe.
After scaring you off lol I'll tell you all about the great stuff at Butlins. Firstly the pool is great as its free for as long as you like with loads of great slides, waves etc. There's a great free fairground, indoor soft play areas, and loads of arcades all in the brilliant skyline. The kids shows are brilliant, they'll love the skyline gang and Billy bear. (be prepared to spend a fortune on cuddly versions!) The shows in centre stage are brilliant but can start late so you might not want to keep the kids up. Another tip is to buy some cheap glowsticks before hand as all the kids at the shows will be waving glow in the dark swords etc which cost a fortune so you can hopefully keep the kids happy with a poundshop version like I do! (mean mum)
So much for the little ones is free so if you choose to you can keep it a cheap holiday but beware that everything in the shops, bars, and venues is expensive. Take your own drinks everywhere with you, no one seems to notice or mind. We always take our own drinks for the kids so we only have to buy ours when we're out on the resort.
Another tip is to always speak up if you're not happy, Butlins are fab at sorting out any issues. For example we were unhappy with our apartment once as it was too small but they quickly moved us after I spoke to someone at guest services so don't be afraid to ask if you're at all unhappy.
Don't know what else I can say except have a great time but I know you will cos we've ALWAYS had a great time at Butlins. You'll be going again and again I promise!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 16-Feb-13 20:58:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newbiefrugalgal Sat 16-Feb-13 20:53:54

nobody wants to talk to me about butlins?

newbiefrugalgal Sat 16-Feb-13 15:40:56

I know I know it's marmite - love it or hate it! I've read the reviews but I got a great last min deal and I want to have an easy break with DC 5 & 6.

What should i pack?
What do I need to do?

I'm going self contained and in a silver apartment and arrive on Monday for a week smile

I'ts just me and the DC so I will be packing wine and dvd's for once they are asleep!

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