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Edinburgh - recommendations

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BeaLola Mon 07-Jan-13 10:02:40

Will be visiting Edinburgh this spring wirh DS 5. Would rather not take the car . Any recommendations for child friendly hotel/B&B near Edinburgh min sites ?

iseenodust Mon 07-Jan-13 19:42:30

We got a good late deal with Jurys which is v close to the Royal Mile, literally 3 mins walk to the station and has family rooms.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 08-Jan-13 22:48:04

Aparthotel do some good deals and you get two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen living room just off the Royal Mile opposite dynamic earth.

steppyhen Wed 09-Jan-13 09:03:44

Apex international our room had a view of the castle and also had a pool!

Pizzaexpress2 Fri 11-Jan-13 20:24:08

We always stay at the holiday inn next to the zoo. It is corstrophine road. Regular buses straight into the centre. Excellent breakfast. My kids love it. It has a pool, not the largest but again free and the kids think it's great. Spa treatments and a small gym. Nice open bar area. Kids menu and kids eat free as far as I remember, they have their own buffet. There is also a good pub on the same road which does a very reasonable carvery.
Usually a good rate for a family room.

IAmLouisWalsh Sat 12-Jan-13 20:48:22

Holiday Inn by the zoo is indeed fantastic. Have stayed there lots.

We often go for the Premier Inn at Newhaven, too - there are nice restaurants in walking distance (Loch Fyne and a pizza place practically next door) and buses into the centre too.

Murraylover Sat 12-Jan-13 21:08:04

The Premier Inn at Haymarket is modern, good value & a good location, Lothian buses are cheap & easy to use to not tire out DS 5. Definitely book in advance to see Sweetie & Sunshine at the zoo. Museum of Scotland & it's new extension's great for kids.

bekind Sun 13-Jan-13 17:41:33

i have also stayed and thoroughly enjoyed the Holiday Inn on Corstorphine Rd, it is so easy to get into town from there and its great haning a pool for the end of a day in the city.
Love the National Museum on Chambers St, it has lots for the whole family. Museum of Childhood on High St is good.

BeaLola Tue 15-Jan-13 20:27:16

Thank you all so much for suggestions.

We are primarily going for DS to see the pandas .......... although I'm looking forward to it too.

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