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Fab things for DD (8) to do in Blackpool please!

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partystress Sun 16-Oct-11 16:09:23

Booked in for the weekend of DD's birthday at end of half term. She is desperate to go to the ballroom, but it is closed on her birthday sad. Anyway, have booked us tickets for the day before her birthday, and got tickets for the circus for 4pm on the day itself, but would love any recommendations for other things we can do on the Saturday.

Also, looking at TripAdvisor, a restaurant called the Tiramisu sounds good. Any MNers been? Or can recommend anywhere else that will make a suitable fuss for a birthday dinner? TIA x

frazzled74 Sun 16-Oct-11 20:19:01

she would probably like sandcastle swimmingpool/waterpark lots of waves and flumes etc,you can easily spend best part of a day in there.

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