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short break in Manchester

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Alibobster Tue 02-Aug-11 18:05:14

Thinking of a couple of nights away in Manchester with dh and ds (5) Never been and would like to visit Trafford Centre and dh wants to get some krispy Kreme donuts! Would it be good place to visit though for ds. I've read there's a few good museums he would like but what else is there for kids?

MrsMilton Wed 03-Aug-11 12:55:37

Museum of Science and Industry is fantastic for kids. Always an interesting exhibition on and I know they have play areas and activities for children, especially in the holidays. It's in the Castlefield are of the city centre, near Granada TV.

The Manchester Museum, at the univeristy (on Oxford Rd, just heading out of the city) is also a great place for children - the main atraction being the dinosaur skeleton suspended from the ceiling!

In the city centre, in Exchange Sq (behind M&S) they have a big wheel, a bit like the London Eye, which is really popular. Might be a nice break from all the shopping!

Speaing of which, the area around Exchange Sq is where the high-end shops are, that and King St. Market St and the Arndale are more high-street and low-end. If you really must brave the Trafford Centre, your DS will love the new Legoland Discovery Centre here

I think Manchester is a fab place to explore - get a good guide book and enjoy!

Alibobster Wed 03-Aug-11 13:29:07

Mrs Milton thanks for the info, it's been really helpful. Think we'll give it a try x

SurelyNotMe Fri 05-Aug-11 21:26:35

I second the MOSI, they have an interactive section that kids love. The Art Gallery is also good for kids. They have activities on in holidays, like art clubs. They have little back packs with activities in, and a rug that you can just put down on the floor of the gallery. Nice cafe too.

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