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London hotels - recommendations pls

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Millie1 Sun 02-Jan-11 22:16:53

We're going to London in June and I was wondering if anyone can recommend child-friendly and central hotels pls. Need big rooms and interconnecting as we've 4 children. Last time we went with just one child we stayed in a hotel opposite Fortnum & Mason and the location was fab. This time I getting to Wimbledon for a day with DS so that has to be accessible too. And I loathe the underground!

Recommendations much appreciated.


carocaro Mon 03-Jan-11 10:57:31

The Rockwell on Cromwell Road is noce, small but friendly, not sure if they have big enough rooms, you will have to check, also the right side of town to get a bus to Wimbledon as well as a short bus ride/walk to Natural History Museum, Harrods etc.

Millie1 Mon 03-Jan-11 20:35:50

Thanks Carocaro - shall check it out. Any other ideas pls.

Roomfor5 Thu 06-Jan-11 11:57:25

Message deleted

Millie1 Thu 06-Jan-11 14:30:34

Thanks Roomfor5. Am off for a look.

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