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Cottage to accomodate a party of 18 ?

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Cocobabe Sun 21-Nov-10 16:43:31

Can anyone recommend any cottages that caters large party for a long weekend ? Not fussed where - open to any suggestions please !

PatriciaHolm Sun 21-Nov-10 21:33:44

We've just been here for the weekend

and it's wonderful - like a boutique hotel. Expensive though!

scurryfunge Sun 21-Nov-10 21:35:45

Southwold is lovely

scurryfunge Sun 21-Nov-10 21:36:39

so is Shropshire

mummymeister Thu 25-Nov-10 18:19:56

Wringworthy cottages just outside Looe or have a look at the large cottage websites like group accommodation or big holiday house. There masses more "big" places out there than I realised before I looked on these.

KarenG Fri 03-Dec-10 16:20:30

Hello cocobabe, how about here - it's in Exmoor National Park in its own 2 acres on the edge of a village but an easy walk to the sea and the moors and there's an extra night free on a 3 night weekend booking for Mumsnet members

Mumsnut Fri 03-Dec-10 16:29:19

Try The Big Cottage Company

The Landmark Trust also have some big properties

Marlinspike Fri 03-Dec-10 16:34:23

We go to Tewkesbury with a group of friends each year and stay here

There's an outdoor pool and fields / orchards, greatfor adults and kids alike.

LoopyLoopsOfSparklyFairyLights Fri 03-Dec-10 16:39:33

Loads here, I always use this company for cottages.

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