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Looking for a tutor -South East London

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Dulwichmum1 Tue 18-Jul-17 23:38:34

Hi can anyone recommend a English/Maths tutor who covers East Dulwich, for my 10 year old daughter. Thank you

rach4583 Sat 22-Jul-17 09:59:51

Hi, we were looking for a tutor, although a different area to you but couldn't find one that was available on the days we wanted so was recommended through a facebook page to My own tutor learning who do an online program for only £2.85 per week. Its maths and English mainly but loads of other subjects too and if they get stuck (as my daughter did a couple of times) they have a teacher helpline to ting which i thought was really good and saved me trying to remember how to do franctions lol. Was a little dubious at first but my daughter absolutely loves it. Other than that have you tried looking at some of the search engines designed for looking for tutors. There are loads like tutor fair, tutor hut etc and you can search by area and subject. Hope that helps!

Dulwichmum1 Sat 22-Jul-17 10:35:21

Hi thank you for your post. I have registered with a few tutor service, where they find the tutor for you. The prices for these jump as they administration cost etc.
I will definately have a look at the online portal, but wanted a 121 tutor ideally. I dont mind travelling locally to the surrounding areas of East Dulwich. smile

lukesherman Tue 07-Nov-17 09:44:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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