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Playmobil 4170 Triceratops and Volcano - Does anyone have one?

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Washersaurus Sun 06-Sep-09 10:52:44

I need to order some spare parts and hoped someone has the instructions with the part numbers on.

We have lost the green base that attaches to the volcano and one of the rocks (difficult to describe which one.

Would someone be so kind as to have a look for me please? <beg>

The boys don't care about the missing bits, but these little things really bother me grin

I am just off to look, bear with me whist I rummage.....

Right, I have it in my hand, which bit is it?

I am going out in 10 minutes or so, but will be back this eve, will check puter again before I gosmile.

Actually the only green base bit in the whole kit appears to be 30 27 6320, so that should be the one.

deepdarkwood Sun 06-Sep-09 11:07:03

IS it the big flat green bit that goes along the bottom of the volcano? If so, I think it's 30 27 6320 (WTWTW, please feel free to check I've not cocked it up - I think it's on page 3 of instructions)

deepdarkwood Sun 06-Sep-09 11:07:26

grin x-post

Washersaurus Sun 06-Sep-09 16:12:36

Thank you, thank you, I wasn't expecting replies so quickly! I just need a number for my missing volcano rock now - I think it is the smallest piece - will have to double check.

Washersaurus Sun 06-Sep-09 21:46:15

OK, I have constructed my dinosaur island and seem to be missing the small piece of rock from the front left of the volcano (with the cave facing me and green attachment bit to the right-hand side)

Is it a long shot to find out what part number that is?

I take it you mean the exploding bits? Afaics these seem to have been given a group no of 30 51 4670 which is 4 exploding bits and also the small piece of rock which sits on the left hand side (which, re-reading your post is probably what you are looking for d'oh).

Anyway you need that set regardless.

Washersaurus Mon 07-Sep-09 20:23:58

I have the bit that sits on the side it is one of the exploding bits I 'need' grin. Thank you so much for your help - I don't know what happened to all our playmobil instruction sheets.....I put them somewhere safe.

I don't suppose you also have a part no. for a quad bike handle bar do you?

grinYou're welcome, we just happened to have put ours 'somewhere safe at the weekend and ds is dino mad so we have nearly the full monty of the Playmobil dino world.

(Weird phrasing sorry, very eary and bad get my drift).

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