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The Entertainer Toy Shop (part 2)

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HappyStudent Mon 14-Jan-19 21:39:28

Hi, sorry to bother, some of you may have seen my last post regarding the Entertainer toy shop and the responses/discussion were great! I am just wondering if I could ask two final questions for my research into the Entertainer. Any response is brilliant! smile

1. If you have been to the Entertainer how did you find the customer service? Do you think they engage well with children?

2. Would you wish for the Entertainer to be open if you were out shopping on a Sunday?

Thankyou so much! Everything is confidential and no usernames will be used smile

Thankyou and hope you are having a lovely evening! smile

2isabella2 Mon 14-Jan-19 21:51:42

In store customer service has been fine - but my last two online orders (click and collect) have both been messed up (not by in store staff).

I would use it on a Sunday.

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