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Toy car that fits a Lottie doll?

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accordionsoup Sat 20-May-17 07:03:08

So DD has borrowed some Polly Pocket dolls and a car from a friend and she loves them. I'm hoping to buy her something similar - i.e. small dolls with a car - but preferably less sexist/sexualised. I like the look of the Lottie dolls, but there isn't a car specifically for Lottie dolls and the closest thing I can find is a Lori doll car. Has anyone tried to fit a Lottie doll in a Lru car? Lori is 6" and Lottie is 7.5" and I read that there's not much legroom so maybe it won't fit? I'd much prefer to get a Lottie doll to a Lori one because of the better role models (karate, astronomer, archaeologist, etc). Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received! Thanks smile

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