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Trampoline covers and tents - HELP!

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PippaHotamus Thu 11-Feb-16 10:48:36

We have a 10ft trampoline from Smyths, which has an enclosure with sleeved poles (no nobbly bit on the top).

Apparently this means we can't fit the usual tent or top-cover thing to it, as they need this bit to attach to.

I wondered if anyone has used a full tent (like the circus tent type) with the sleeved poles, and just attached it at the base?

I also saw a great idea for tying a parachute on the top of it, but again, there's nothing to tie it to on ours.

Any thoughts much appreciated - the issue being, our toddler likes to chuck balls around on it and they always end up flying over into next door's garden and being eaten by their dog. blush

BrokenDownstairs Thu 11-Feb-16 10:49:19

Watching as if like one too!

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