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4yoniD Wed 30-Dec-15 17:04:58

Do you have a Kao Kao Koala from Club Petz? I have. Couldn't get the first one to drink, eat, burp or hiccup. It just makes noises, opens and closes its eyes a few times, then goes to sleep. I returned it as faulty and the replacement is flipping well the same!!!! Does yours do this / recognise that there is a bottle or leaf in its mouth?

Mayor22 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:13:33

Yes DD got one for Christmas, it's a nightmare! Have you checked it's switched to the "on" setting and not the "try me" side - if I remember correctly the off switch is central, with "on" on one side and "try me" at the other - when in "try me" mode ours just makes noises and nothing else. In "on" mode it will "drink" from the bottle if you shove it in its mouth and press downwards (if you put your finger in its mouth and press down you can feel the sensor and it will glue and then start hiccuping when you take your finger out)

I have had no success with it recognising the leaf when I hold it to its nose or eating it. Tbh the bottle and leaf have been abandoned by DD, but she loves stroking the back of his head to put him to sleep. The noise he makes is no annoying though! Not sure if that is helpful!

4yoniD Wed 30-Dec-15 17:21:11

You are a genius, thank you sooo much! It does indeed drink if you violently force the bottle down its mouth!!! Sooo cute (not) but at least it is working (after a fashion) - thank you!

Mayor22 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:59:20

Glad that's working for you. I have never met a real koala but can't imagine ever having to be so forceful getting a bottle in! Brutal isn't it?!! Now just need to discover the trick with the leaf!!

Mayor22 Wed 30-Dec-15 18:01:39

Just to add. DD wants a Baby wow wow for her birthday (soon) which I'm sure will be a load of Rubbish compared to the advert! I'm trying to dissuade her as I did with this bloody koala but am losing the battle!

4yoniD Wed 30-Dec-15 18:28:33

Lucy the dog is brilliant. I am probably overstating that. She makes everyone shout "LUCY" constantly, very loudly, as she doesn't work perfectly, but she is fab and a huge hit. You say "Lucy", wait for her to woof which sounds like yes (crucial - you must wait for her to woof once, repeat Lucy if she doesn't) and then say what you want her to do - she does loads; sit, dig, eat, dance, bark, walk, kiss, on your head, shake hands, stand up (except she then falls over, but it is v cute!) and more. Highly recommend, I'm impressed.

Mayor22 Wed 30-Dec-15 18:35:24

Our DD's must like similar things, as Santa brought a Lucy dog last Christmas, and she is still played with regularly now! She's brilliant isn't she - apart from she seems to recognise my voice not DD's so she gets brought to me to ask her to do things with DD shrieking in my ear also. Exhausting after a while (2 minutes!!)

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