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What do you consider when buying your children's toys?

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PuzzleMaster Tue 04-Aug-15 16:37:40

Hi, I'm setting up my own website selling puzzles and I need some parental insight.

I am compiling a stock list of jigsaw puzzles, mind puzzles and memory games suitable for small children right up to adults and I would appreciate some input as to how you choose your purchases.

I have been looking at stocking educational wooden toys and jigsaws, the kinds of things I played with as a child and on reading some of your posts these still seem to be popular.

So I would appreciate any advice you could offer on what is hot now in terms of children's toys.

For example do kids still like to do tray jigsaw puzzles with princesses and Disney characters on them?

Are the big foam puzzle mats good or just a waste of time fad?

Do you like to buy toys that help with reading, writing, telling the time, counting for example?

Would a wooden box that opens into an easel with a magnetic board of shapes be appealing?

What would attract you to buy from my site over someone else, apart from competitive pricing.

I don't want to stock the same as everyone else. I'm going to be having my own designs of jigsaw puzzles made so I know they are unique.

Any advice on little known fun children's toys is appreciated. I've got so many ideas already from reading your previous suggestions in posts on the forum.

I would appreciate any advice at all you think you can offer.

What do you like about online shopping, what turns you off of shopping with an online retailer?

In exchange when my site goes live in October 2015 I will be placing an ad on Mumsnet offering a discount off your first order!

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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