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Anyone prepared to help me out with my A level by answering a few questions about a kids toy I made

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Alevelstudent123 Sun 26-Apr-15 18:35:06

I posted, about 6 months ago, about a school project I was doing for my A Levels. I needed all of your thoughts on the idea of a kid's garden toy that converted into something suitable for an adult gathering and did not need to be stored. The idea was for parents with not much space in their garden that didn't have room for all their kid's toys and chairs and tables for when they have friends over.
I have now made the product!! It is a stool, when you remove the lid it reveals a spinning disc, this disc has many holes in it of different shapes. The product is connected to a hose which sprays out of one hole just underneath the spinning disc; therefore, when you spin the disc the water comes out in different directions (depending on which hole is covering the water spray). This is a fun game for children as they don't know which way the water is going to spray out next.
Then, when the kids have gone to bed. Mum or Dad can put the lid back on and use it as a table or stool in their garden to have somewhere else for one of their friends or family to sit when its a nice evening.

I would love to hear your feedback, positive or negative.
Here are some questions I have devised for you to answer.

1.Would you consider buying this product for £42.00? Why?
2.Do you think that your child(ren) would enjoy using this product?
3.Can you think of any immediate issues you can recognise with the finished product?
4.Do you think that it would suit your garden? Why?
5.Would the name ‘SeatWave’ capture your attention in a store? What do you like/dislike about it
6.Any additional comments?

Wibblewobble100 Sat 16-May-15 14:19:57

This reply may be a bit late, but hope not.
I think it looks nice aesthetically but I'd really have to see it in action to say if I'd consider buying one. Is it like a garden sprinkler ? How far does the water spray? Do you have to spin the disc or is it spun by the water pressure? If you have to spin it, what happens when it's not being spun?
Do the sides get wet? Itlooks wooden so presumably would get damp and not be great to sit on afterwards. How heavy is it? Would it be easily knocked over?
I think people would primarily buy it as a toy, in which case £42 seems a bit steep... £30 would be more like it.

sunbathe Sat 16-May-15 14:31:40

£42 does seem a bit steep, for what I would primarily see as a kid's toy.

Yes, I think younger kids would enjoy it. I love the colours on it and it looks like a fun seat for kids, not so much adults.

As the pp mentioned, the material would be a concern. Could you coat it with marine varnish? Then it would just need a wipe down.

I think it would add a fun touch to a garden, either as a seat or as a toy.

Seatwave is a good name imo.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Sat 16-May-15 14:38:36

I think its a good idea and it is something I would consider buying. I have three active kids aged between 7 and 4 so I do buy a lot of garden toys.

I don't think £42 is too steep but I agree waterproof varnish and a choice of stylish designs might help you achieve that price because it is higher than the price you would expect to pay were it just a toy.

It could be good for pets too, my dog would love a toy that randomly squirted her with water!

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