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furby boom tips and tricks please?

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theonewiththenoisychild Sun 29-Dec-13 12:36:41

hi i brought dd a furby boom and she loves it we have downloaded the app to my phone so just wondering if anyone has any tips? i had to google christmas morning to learn how to make fueby be nice again as it turned naughty and this morning it turned evil and both times we have managed to turn it nice again. but im just trying to figure out what tou can do with it when not using the app as it seems a little boring without the app smile

theonewiththenoisychild Sun 29-Dec-13 12:38:57

sorry for typos cant type today blush

fairychronicle Sun 29-Dec-13 13:34:47

hi without the app they are a bit boring you can pet it, talk it etc and if you want to change it to a certain type of personality there are things you can do ie a lot of petting will turn it nice, pulling its tail will turn it crazy i think etc. You can feed it with your finger.

If it gets stuck in a personality you dont like you can turn it upside down pull its tail and put your finger in its beak allat the same time and it will shut down and once you stop and turn it back the right way it will go back to the default personality.

theonewiththenoisychild Sun 29-Dec-13 14:42:27

thanks smile she likes using the app but then she is always on my phone

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