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Let down big time

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Sussedyouout Sat 08-Sep-18 15:08:56

Aibu to have a big rant really!!

Had shoulder surgery on Tuesday & arranged online food delivery, as I can't move & in agony, from ASDA to be delivered today 1-3. Got a message from them this morning at 10.40 saying it was cancelled - no reason at all!!
Called them and they confirmed they were having technical problems and couldn't deliver 😬 but offered a £10 online voucher for the I'll be ever shopping with them again!

It's took me over 2 hours doing the order as I'm using my useless left hand as my right hand is strapped up!

How can they get things so wrong? I'm now left with nothing in the fridge and so unnecessarily distressed when I should be trying to recover!

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