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Strange happenings after people have died (nice thread)

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lurchermummy Sun 22-Jul-18 20:15:06

Hi, I'm interested in your stories of things that have happened after people have passed away, odd things, coincidences, etc.

I'll tell you mine. A few months after my Dad died a few years ago, DH and I moved house. Our new house was on three floors, the top floor was a lovely loft bedroom. This was designated as being a guest room but when we moved in had nothing up there apart from an air bed and some things being stored (one of which, for reasons too complicated to go into, was a wooden urn containing my Dad's ashes).

Anyway, we had DH's parents as guests one weekend so DH and I gave them our room and said we would sleep in the loft room.

After dinner, I was tired so went to bed before DH. I took my mobile with me to use as an alarm (this was pre smart phone so think basic old Nokia type phone).

As I walked up the stairs, my phone went beep beep (text message). I looked to see who the message was from and it said "Dad - mobile". I opened the message but there was no content, it was blank.

I was a bit wierded out, but put it down to an accident, and went to bed. About an hour after I got into bed, the same thing happened. Beep beep. "Dad, mobile" - no message.

Now I was really getting wierded out, but managed to go back to sleep.

Three o clock in the morning, exact same thing.

This time I actually sat up in bed, put the light on and said "Dad, what are you trying to tell me?!"

After that it all went quiet.

Next day I rang my Mum and asked her if she had been using my Dad's phone for anything. She said no, she hadn't, in fact it was in a drawer and not even charged.

I am convinced it was my Dad sending me a message - I think he was just saying hi. It has never happened again.

HariboIsMyCrack Sun 22-Jul-18 20:19:25

I am non-woo, for full disclosure. When my DGD died 12 years ago, I was asked to give a reading at his funeral. As I practiced the reading in my sitting room, the main lightbulb kept flashing on and off. Old house, but never happened before or since.

It wasn't scary at all.

Lovely thread OP smile

Kraggle Sun 22-Jul-18 20:20:03

That would have weirded me out OP!

Mine is, not long after my nan died both my dad and I had a slightly upsetting dream about her, it’s a bit fuzzy now as it was nearly a decade ago but I think we both dreamt she was lost and each of us found her. I remember feeling really upset about the dream.

Also after the birth of my dd my nan came to visit me in a dream and told me she thought the baby was ok (as in she liked her). That made me so happy as my nan would have loved her and I wished she could have met her.

LuxuryWoman2017 Sun 22-Jul-18 20:27:09

Lovely stories ☺ I had 2 close relatives whose unexpected deaths i dreamt about in advance in exact detail (and told friends about) after they died they came back in my dreams to tell me they were fine and had told me as they knew I would understand. I found it very comforting.

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Sun 22-Jul-18 20:55:49

I've posted this before, possibly under a previous name. My dad died before I met DH and had DD. I inherited his house and lived in it. Dad had always told me, even when he was alive and I was worried about something, that he would be with me, right behind my left shoulder. When baby DD was in her highchair, she would often babble and giggle at something just behind my left shoulder, and I'm sure it was Dad. There was nothing exciting to look at there.

Another time, I was on my way to work to do a task I was really stressed about; it was at the absolute upper limit of my capability and I was on the opposing side to someone with many years more experience and particular expertise in that task. I could smell Dad's aftershave in my car. I'd bought the car several years after he'd died, and my perfume was nothing at all like his aftershave, there was no logical explanation, but it was so reassuring. Job went well, and experienced colleague told me I'd done a good job.

Hushabyelullaby Sun 22-Jul-18 21:02:05

I've mentioned this before on here. My Mum died 11 years ago and always wore the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler. I have a medical condition which has and does, require a lot of medical treatment and Mum knew that I was always quite nervous about it. EVERY single time I have had treatment either a nurse, doctor, or fellow patient, has been wearing Angel. It's not always the same hospital/department, and never the same person. I make sure I always ask (as it's so distinctive but not smelt often), and each time the woman confirms that yes they are wearing it. I find it so comforting that my Mum is with me.

My DH doesn't believe in anything woo or anything other than sheer coincidence, he didn't believe it at first, but he has witnessed it each time and even he now says it's absolutely true. I have an assistant who helps me get around and she has witnessed it too. I don't have regular appointments, it is sometimes that I'm seen a couple of times a week, it could be every few weeks, or couple of months. It's down to the condition and not when/if I choose to be seen.

Grandmaswagsbag Sun 22-Jul-18 21:06:35

I don’t believe in woo either really but we had 3 odd occurrences with tech after my grampa died. Somehow the last phone conversation my mum had with him was recorded on our home answerphone. She was calling his mobile phone from the house phone, have no idea how it ended up recording. Then on his birthday the 1st year after he’d passsed away my aunt heard a strange noise coming from her bedroom draw. Opened it to find a little mobile radio he’d given her a few years before had turned itself on. She put it away as it had stopped working. Finally on the 1st Xmas after he’d died we were in his house (we lived there for a time after) we were all sitting down to lunch and a little wind up music box that was a family heirloom started playing its song. We had it touched it for ages, it wasn’t on a shelf in the study. We like to think it was his was of saying hello and happy Christmas!

madvixen Sun 22-Jul-18 21:06:39

My Dad and I weren't on the best of terms when he died but I was still devastated.
On the day of his funeral, my Uncle came to me as we left and said 'make sure you switch your phone off'. He watched me take it out of my bag and turn it off.
During the funeral, I was trying very hard to stay strong and was managing until my Aunty got mid way through her eulogy. At this point I could feel the hysterical tears coming. Just as I am about to lose it totally, my phone started to ring!! I pulled it out of my bag and the number on the screen was our home phone number. A house that was totally empty because we were all at the funeral.
I like to think it was Dad giving me something else to focus on because he would have known how much breaking down would have embarrassed me.

CocoaGin70 Sun 22-Jul-18 21:08:16

I was at my very beloved nan's funeral, and was finding it all a bit overwhelming although I was trying my best to be strong for my 14 yr old DD that was with us. It was a dull cloudy day, but suddenly the sun came glaring through a stained glass window and I was enveloped in this sudden feeling of incredible warmth. It was almost as if my nan had wrapped her arms around me. It was such a comfort.

I find white feathers everywhere too, the day I brought my new car home I went inside to get something - came back out and there was a tiny white feather stuck to the drivers window. I've always felt she's with me, and it's lovely whether it's real or in my head.

ParkheadParadise Sun 22-Jul-18 21:14:10

My mum had dementia and was in a care home when her sister died. My aunt died at 4am. The next day when I went to visit mum the staff spoke to me when I arrvied to tell me mum had, had a unsettled night. Turns out she got up at 4am took a cardigan out her wardrobe and was walking along the corridor. She told staff her sister had come to visit her and only had pyjamas on and she would be cold so she wanted to give her a cardigan.
The staff were spooked out when I said she had died at that time. We never told mum she died as she would never have remembered sadly.

WillyTree Sun 22-Jul-18 21:17:27

I gave birth the same minute that my father died. I went into labour that morning, he had a terminal illness but was at home and expected to live another 6 months. He had planned to visit me in hospital after I had given birth but had a fit at home, was taken into the same hospital I was in and died. His time of death and my ds’s birth are recorded ad happening at the same minute. I know it’s just coincidence but it’s comforting to attach some greater meaning to it.

MargaretCabbage Sun 22-Jul-18 21:18:23

I’m not woo, and I’m sure there’s some sort of explanation but I found it quite comforting. My granddad died a few days before my 21st birthday. On the eve of my birthday I was up late, reminiscing and crying, and then at about 2am my house phone rang. I went to answer it, but it stopped. I dialled 1471 and it said the last call was the day before. It kept making a ringing noise but I couldn’t answer as it wasn’t actually ringing, and I started to get really frightened and unplugged the phone. I spoke to my DM the next day and she said that I had been born at around 2am. The phone continued to ring like that, but at about 11pm, every single night, even after changing the phone. We moved house a few years later and changed number and it stopped.

Readyfortheschoolhols Sun 22-Jul-18 21:20:56

When my dgm had been in icu then had her machine switched off (she had been awake and asked if she was going to die due to lungs being like brown paper due to smoking). I had tickets to a concert. She insisted I still went. I rang the hospital when I got home and she died the same time the show finished.
And when my friend was murdered, the morning he died 4 white doves appeared on his lawn and stayed for a week.
Every year I buy 4 white lilies to represent them on his anniversary.

Doilooklikeatourist Sun 22-Jul-18 21:30:31

My mum died of cancer when she was only 61 , about 6 months after she died , I dreamtI was going to my parents home with DH and the DC

Mum was in the porch to meet us , as she always would have been

She , my dad and my sisters had a lovely afternoon chatting , u til sh e said I have to go now , they let us come back if the family aren’t dealing with it very well

And then I woke up weeping ( as was normal at the time )

When MIL died , at her funeral there was a butterfly dancing in the air above the flowers over her coffin , nealrky everyone saw it , and said it was her , finally free

Chocolatepeanuts Sun 22-Jul-18 21:32:27

My aunt died a few years ago just a few years after her parents (my GPs). She was laid out at home for her wake on a bungalow, we are in NI so its common for friends and neighbours to stay up all night with the body. Late at night say 2am we heard footsteps on the gravel outside her bedroom window going towards the front door and the shadow of 2 figures passed the window, but when we went to the door noone was there. We like to think it was my grandparents coming for their daughter.

plum1985 Sun 22-Jul-18 21:44:04

I love this thread.
My sister and I went to visit my dad for the final time in the chapel of rest.
There was a candle on top of his coffin. I asked dad to be my angel and the candle flickered. My sister told dad that she would look after my mum and the candle flickered again.
A few days after my dads funeral I was sitting in my garden having a cry when a pale blue butterfly flew and fluttered around me.
I miss him so much.

Ibelieveinkarma Sun 22-Jul-18 21:49:12

A few months after my Nan died I had a very vivid dream that I was standing in her living room and looking at my Nan, she was sitting on her favourite chair holding a baby in a white shawl and smiling at me.

Afterwards, I couldn't get the image of my Nan with a baby out of my mind as my dream seemed especially real.
A couple of weeks after I found out I was pregnant and I like to think that somehow maybe my Nan was letting me know about my future baby.

User5trillion Sun 22-Jul-18 22:01:06

After my grandad died we kept getting emails saying can you hear me in the subject line. Obviously his email had been hacked as it was always about viagra but I like to think it was him, he would have found it hilarious, he had such a sense of humour and always sent me rude funny emails.

HoneyWings Sun 22-Jul-18 22:05:08

My maternal grandparents died within a month of each other. Grandpa was first, quickly and unexpectedly and Gran from a terminal illness. Gran was receiving palliative care from home.

After my Grandpa passed, lots of lightbulbs kept breaking. He used to always tell everyone off for leaving lights on so we had a giggle that was him warning us about leaving lights on. My dad seen something in his bedroom that he's refused to tell us about. My mum had these vivid dreams that my Grandpa and my Gran's mother were outside waiting on my Gran to accompany her onwards.

I met my husband around this time and I always regretted that he never met my grandparents, they were phenomenal people! I thought it wouldn't have been fair to anyone to introduce a new boyfriend to dying people, but very sad they never met each other. Some years later I went to a tarot reader and a card came up meaning something like the mother figure, she told me my Gran was around. She told me I should keep practising my piano (my gran taught me piano - something I thought the tarot reader wouldn't have known) and she really liked and approved of my boyfriend. I was crying happy tears!

December2018 Sun 22-Jul-18 22:06:58

This is brilliant!
When I was about 13 my brothers dad passed away suddenly and a few weeks later I was home alone with my little brother he was 3 at the time (mum had nipped to the shops)
I was sat in the living room and I could hear my brother talking to somebody, he came hammering down the stairs his face beaming and he said!
"My daddy is upstairs and he wants to see you"
I grabbed him and sat on the front porch until my mum came home... I wish I never bottled it and went upstairs! But I was too frightened lol

puguin86 Sun 22-Jul-18 22:18:12

My cousin died in his 20s. Short and sudden illness. We were in a hospital room in the last few hours. He was totally out of it. All of a sudden he sat up and said why is Nan here. She'd been dead 20 years. All of us like to think she was coming to take him home x

readyforapummelling Sun 22-Jul-18 22:35:27

My lovely Nan died in the night of a heart attack, we didn't know until the next day however on the night she died, I woke in the night and felt someone sort of like tucking me in and pulling the covers over me. I felt very strange for 5 minutes then went back to sleep putting it down to my mind half dreaming.

I like to think she came to tuck me in and see me before she went off with my grandad.

shanks313 Sun 22-Jul-18 22:46:05

My DH died very suddenly a month ago
So far I have found his favourite x box game and controller on the floor and nobody put them there
The tumble dryer turned off 3 times during a cycle.,the washing machine turned off
I was listening to recent pop songs on Echo and Caribbean Blue by Enya came on...about a week before DH died I told him it was my favourite Enya then went back to recent pop music.

dippywhentired Sun 22-Jul-18 23:15:52

When my mum died, the clock on the oven stopped at the time of her death. A few weeks later, I was crying and thinking about her and I heard her voice in my head telling me not to be sad. My Dad was upset and thinking about her lying in bed one night, and he felt somebody squeeze his shoulder. He felt she was trying to comfort him.

MellowMelly Sun 22-Jul-18 23:16:42

I took a photo of my Grandpa before he passed. It wasn’t the nicest photo as he was in the last stages of cancer but I took it as he was giving my daughter a present.
He passed not long after the photo and we went to the funeral.

Whilst sitting in the car behind the hearse my phone started playing up. The screen kept going white and it kept shutting down and ‘Goodbye’ kept coming up on the screen (which was normal when it powered down). It happened for a fifth time, even after turning it off, so I grabbed it out of my bag to remove the battery and my Grandpas photo was on the screen. The screen went white again and said ‘Goodbye’ and entirely stopped working. After the funeral the phone company picked it up to fix it. They sent it back saying they couldn’t find a fault and the phone was fine. I went straight into the photos and all were there apart from the last one I ever took of Grandpa.

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