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Friendly nursery ghost?

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MrsMyreton Wed 28-Jun-17 15:46:42

Hi everyone, just wanted to share this spookiness with you. DD is ten weeks old. We moved into our house last September. No spookiness before now really.

When I get up with DD to do the night feeds (always in her nursery), only after she finishes her bottle, she always looks across the room and smiles. I always giggled and said to her 'why are you laughing at the lamp shade?'. The one on the roof. Because I thought she was looking in that direction. I noticed that the direction she's been looking in has got progressively closer the corner of the roof above her changing table (from the perspective of me in my nursing chair). Last night, she finished feeding, then started her usual smiling, and I was getting spooked. I asked her who was up in the corner, and she started laughing, not taking her eyes off what she was looking at, and sticking her tongue out which she does when she's imitating someone. I got totally spooked, took her back through to our room, and from sitting on the edge of the bed, seen the nursery room door close...

This morning I was feeding DD and DH came in to say goodbye, he stood at the side of the nursing chair and he kisses DD on the head as always. I notice the angle she's looking at when he stands up, and it's the same as during the night feeds. So if 'someone' is playing with her at night, they are standing right next to my chair, not in the corner of the room... Confirmation of 'too close for comfort' on the spooky scale!!

She never does this during the day. Only at the feed around 03:00.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

sidesplittinglol Thu 29-Jun-17 19:29:40

Ooh does sound spooky! They say babies can see and talk to angels up until they can talk.

Don't really have spooky experiences myself to share.

HappyUnicorn Sat 08-Jul-17 18:03:02

My DS did the same thing when he was a baby. He is 15 now and says he used to play with a little boy called Harry. Think 3am is also a time when the veil is thin and spirits cross over? Could this be a departed family member looking out for her?

Patriciathestripper1 Sat 08-Jul-17 18:12:21

Omg my Dd used to do the exact same thing!
We had been in our old farm cottage nearly a year and she was in our room in her cot. She used to stand up and look into far corner of room laughing and smiling at 'some thing/some one'
One night at around 2am (Dh was away on a business trip) Dd stood up and pointed to the corner laughing and put her arms up as if wanting to be lifted then she said 'man' it freaked me out completely!
I got up and picked Dd up and said in a loud voice "come on man, off you go there's nothing for you here!" Dd eyes followed something/someone from the corner of the room right past us and off into the hall then She waved and said "bye bye".
After that night it just stopped and nothing has happened since 10 years on.

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