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Back in the saddle - help me prepare!

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imclaustrophobicdarren Thu 26-Sep-19 12:08:46

Here's my back ground.
Had lessons/owned ponies from age 9-15
Stopped when I started going out and meeting boys envy
Had a baby age 24 and having missed it forever, plucked up the courage to start lessons. Had 6 private lessons and just as she said she'd be more than happy for me to join for hacks my DH was in between jobs so couldn't really afford to ride what with baby etc.
Fast forward to now age 29. Financially in a far better position so luckily that's not an issue. However my fitness is. I've made a deal with myself to start doing a bit of exercising to help for my first lesson which I plan to do the weekend I turn 30 in nov. What could I do? I'm 14 1/2 stone blush and I really did struggle when I went back after my baby although I was probably heavier then. Rising trot kills me off. And I don't want to go and be embarrassed. Any advise?
The real goal is to get where I need to be by 35 and buy myself a horse.

randomsabreuse Thu 26-Sep-19 12:12:57

Core strength. Control of pelvis.

Have a look at rider strong/ event fit on Facebook

imclaustrophobicdarren Thu 26-Sep-19 12:28:07

Oooh thanks I'll take a look!

Booboostwo Sat 28-Sep-19 10:20:43

Pilates is the best thing for riding, it will sort out your core. Swimming is also good as it helps develop all kinds of different muscles.

imclaustrophobicdarren Tue 01-Oct-19 09:04:58

I went swimming at the weekend and could definitely feel it the next day! So going to make that a regular activity. Pilates scares the shit out of me. But I guess I could maybe do a YouTube vid at home - something to look into. Thanks

AngelicCurls Tue 01-Oct-19 13:16:56

Couch to 5k is worthwhile. It’s quick as you’re exercising from the minute you leave the house. I never believed I could run 5k and really found it tough to start with-ended up running a half Mara! Would also echo swimming and Pilates but swimming takes up loads of time. C25k will lose your weight then I find just riding more gets you riding for. Good luck for it-I bought my first at age 35 after at least 5years off riding all together and it’s one of the best things I did

imclaustrophobicdarren Tue 01-Oct-19 13:38:57

that's so reassuring to hear! albeit im really not sure about running, I really am SO unfit!!!

Elieza Fri 11-Oct-19 19:40:32

You’re quite right to go for it, Horses are fab smile
However you may want to check the website of the yard you were planning on riding at, as my friend was recently mortified when she phoned to book and they advised her their weight limit was 12 stone and they weigh you in your boots, hat etc when you arrive to make sure!
I don’t know if all yards are like that, perhaps that one just doesn’t have anything over 14.2 cobs, I don’t know. Just saying as it was a real disappointment for her and her husband defo couldn’t go either as he is even heavier than her. Gutted

Almostflownthenest Mon 14-Oct-19 09:12:05

Look up Dressage Rider Training online, you tube and Instagram. Nicola has lots of fitness work out videos geared towards equestrians.

imclaustrophobicdarren Tue 15-Oct-19 09:49:37

@Elieza nooo I've done plenty of research. I know the yard I intend on going I'll be fine at and they have an equally heavy lump to carry my heavy lump 🤣 I wouldn't ever ride a horse I thought I was to heavy for. Maybe the reason my legs killed so much last time, basically had to ride in the splits 😂😂😂

Elieza Tue 15-Oct-19 19:28:02

Ha ha, riding like doing the splits, I don’t know if you’ve seen the Thelwell cartoons? They had ones like that. Taking me back to my childhood now! Loved those books of cartoon drawings.
Wish I could find a local yard that would take my pal and I. It’s all cob ponies round here by the sounds of it. We need something more, er, substantial. I think the whole weight convo put her right off the whole idea. Which is unfortunate as riding is good exercise, but we are currently on diets healthy eating plans.
Have a great time grin

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