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Child beginner - advice, info, clubs?

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CheekyMaleekey Mon 03-Aug-15 05:27:58

Hi all,

My seven year old DD is about to start riding lessons, but I know nothing about horses and riding at all.

Are there any good websites and organisations that we can join that would let me and her know what's what, please? Do the young riders do any certificates, for example? What exactly is a pony club? I really am totally clueless, so something that I could read up on world be great.

Thanks very much.

ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Mon 03-Aug-15 09:49:34

You can google the pony club website, and there's also the BHS (British Horse Society).

Please don't think you're expected to know anything when you sign up for your first lesson - most children and parents probably don't know anything at first, either.

As a child, I used to ride for a couple of years, and everything I knew I learned at the riding school as I went along. Like your DD I didn't know anything, and hadn't even been near a horse before I started.

My DDs have a couple of books and have had a few magazines about ponies. It's not for everyone, though, and I'd not be splashing out on memberships for even books until you're sure it won't be a fad. Maybe borrow a book from the library as a starting point?

Hope you're DD loves it smile.

ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Mon 03-Aug-15 09:53:04

Forgot to say - there are two strands to the pony club. One for children/young adults who loan/own a pony, and the other for those who ride at riding schools. You learn how to look after ponies, and can be awarded badges.

Some BHS approved riding schools run pony clubs. The one near us runs it every other week, and parents pay for their children to attend.

CheekyMaleekey Mon 03-Aug-15 20:01:05

That's very useful info, thank you very much. I think we'll both enjoy learning about all things equestrian! smile thanks again.

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