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Anyone else watching WEG on the red button?

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FrankelandFilly Sat 30-Aug-14 10:25:48

I missed the dressage competition as I didn't know it was on tv angry

Cross country phase of the eventing is on the red button now and my word the course looks hard going. They've already had to shorten it by 1 minute due to the ground conditions and the first two riders to go out failed to complete.

Zara Philips has been out as pathfinder for Team GB and went clear but had a few hairy moments, she was about 30s over the optimum time.

The other GB riders go as follows:

11.16 Fox-Pitt
11.44 Wilson
12.04 Townend
13.16 Cook
14.44 Meade

Red button coverage is on till 3.25pm so I'm assuming that's the whole day's riding.

There's going to be a highlights programme on regular tv on Sunday I believe.

Eve Wed 03-Sep-14 10:27:54

thats how my kids wear their air jackets, over body protector and under number bib.

Not a good picture - oliver townend , and facebook link. sorry,

You can see the clip of airjacket..and white shirt.. but not airjacket itself , unless its white and I cant see well.

Eve Wed 03-Sep-14 10:31:01

non facebook picture - can see clip air-jacket,

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