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ok, i am mad, but i think im going to do this

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5OBalesofHay Sun 02-Mar-14 19:56:03

Gd (nearly 15) is a good little jockey and has experience with youngsters. She also has a one yr old baby, and some mental health stuff going on. She and a horse have fallen in love, big time, and its mutual. She is on a reduced timetable at school.

So, horse is a 15.2 tb mare. She is 6, not done a lot(never raced or been in training though)
Yard owner thinks I'm mad BUT I think the benefits of a project might be huge. I am nuts, aren't I?

PoshPenny Sun 02-Mar-14 20:07:08

I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. I guess you will mind the baby whilst she's riding? I do think horses are excellent therapy for MH issues, my only concern would be that she is just getting to the age when teenagers can go off riding go what would your plan be if that happened?

stitchedupbelow Sun 02-Mar-14 20:13:22

This just came up on active conversations - I don't usually lurk in the tack room but just wanted to post to say DO IT!!!! smile

CMOTDibbler Sun 02-Mar-14 20:13:33

I think that it could really be positive for your GD, Not like you don't know what you are doing with horses either, so if it didn't work out you'd be able to sell the mare on

5OBalesofHay Sun 02-Mar-14 20:14:04

Baby will be at nursery, or at home with one of us, gd with a mentor during the day. Yard owner is worried that dh and I won't have time for our horses, time is the issue really. Horse coming on loan so harsh as it sounds, would fo back.

5OBalesofHay Sun 02-Mar-14 20:16:43

It's therapy if horse. Costs are about the same, but I think horse might be better therapy!

Booboostoo Mon 03-Mar-14 09:18:24

If you don't have time for a loan then it's unfair on the owner to take it up and return the horse in a few months just at the start of autumn.

Young horses need experienced riders, someone needs to know what they are doing otherwise it's a recipe for disaster. If your DD is really sure this is what she wants to do, at a minimum she needs facilities (arena, safe off road hacking, good hacking buddies to go out with) and very regular professional support (at least weekly lessons and may also need the professional to sit on the horse on a regular basis).

With a young horse you also have to consider whether your DD will have the extra time to teach things like loading and travelling safely, clipping, etc. and all the things young horses do not know but need a gentle and time consuming introduction to.

Finally how will your DD's mental health be affected if things go wrong with this young horse? Youngsters almost always go through a cheeky phase that can be quite disheartening.

5OBalesofHay Mon 03-Mar-14 22:18:17

We do have time, yard owner just thinks we should preserve some for me and dh, which won't happen anyway. I will be supervising and instructor will be closely involved. We have ace facilities, and my horse is just right for babysitting a youngster out on hacks.

Baby goes to bed (reliably) at 6pm so babysitter from nursery once clocks changed. I'll worry about next winter later in the year. I may have to find the balls to ride her then.

I'm afraid I've said yes to loan with view to buy. She's lovely!

Mitchy1nge Mon 03-Mar-14 23:12:13

how exciting! are we allowed to see her when she arrives?

how did you train that baby to go to bed at 6pm? envy]

5OBalesofHay Mon 03-Mar-14 23:42:02

You can definitely see her, she's beautiful! Baby is just a sweety who likes her bed!

Booboostoo Tue 04-Mar-14 06:39:57

That's great, sounds like it could all work out! Best of luck!

CMOTDibbler Tue 04-Mar-14 07:37:44

By next winter you'll just need a little pony and a basket saddle surely grin

5OBalesofHay Tue 04-Mar-14 07:39:53

She's already had a little walk round on old pony. She loved it.

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