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What to look for at a riding school? Any good near NG9?

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clemetteattlee Tue 28-Jun-11 13:28:03

DD (6) has been having riding "lessons" every six weeks or so (she has to save up) but I am not really very keen on the riding school. The horses look fine but the teenagers who lead the beginners are rude and disinterested and don't treat the horses very well. DD loves it so I was wondering if someone could describe their good riding school to me, let me know how much they pay for a lesson,and if you know any nice places close to NG9?

marialuisa Tue 28-Jun-11 13:54:16

I am in the general area and the nearest ones that spring to mind I would avoid like the plague! One in particular has a dreadful reputation. There is Breaston Equestrian Centre but I don't think they take them until they are 7/8 years and I've heard mixed reports (mainly that the instructors can be on the shouty side).

marialuisa Tue 28-Jun-11 14:10:30

DD's pony is at livery on a yard with a riding school attached about 30mins from NG9. The school ponies are: well-cared for, have decent tack, have 2 days off per week, do not get used in multiple lessons without a break. The group lessons do not have more than 5 pupils in, have encouraging instructors who do not upset the kids (harsh instructors still weirdly common IME) but who do teach. The leaders can be teenagers but the are polite, make eye contact, help the kid out without taking on an instructor role. It's BHS registered an a pony club centre. They charge about £15 for a 30min group lesson.

clemetteattlee Tue 28-Jun-11 14:31:21

Thank you for your reply. Which one do you use? We are currently going to one with the initials SL

MitchiestInge Tue 28-Jun-11 14:37:31

Have no idea where you are but recently shopped around for a riding school, having moved yards and left a loan pony behind. Because my daughter needs to regain confidence following some disastrous falls it was important to find somewhere with a really wide range of ponies - very safe ones she can clock up saddle hours on, knowing nothing will happen, but also some speedier and more responsive ones as average long term riding school ponies don't go off your leg very readily. I wanted a BHS place, even though am not a fan personally it gives a good grounding, and I wanted qualified instructors - even if they have just done the ptt it's a start. Mainly somewhere friendly and professional. The downside is the expense, but she needs little and often and individual at the moment (1/2 hr two or three times a week) and the little irritating BHS things.

You could look for the other one, is it ABRS?

marialuisa Tue 28-Jun-11 15:52:27

You know I said one had a really dreadful reputation.....

We are some way west of you. Happy to pm if you want to "talk" in more detail. There is another I would suggest subject to a few warningsbut no concern about welfare or anything.

clemetteattlee Tue 28-Jun-11 19:40:25

I have PMd you...

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