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We collect our new pony tomorrow!

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Mirage Fri 10-Jun-11 18:16:21

I'm as excited as the girls are.I've put all his grooming stuff and polos in a lockable shed at the yard,a lovely friend has handed down her dds outgrown gear to us,so we have a complete show outfit for dd2.My mum is making some spare rugs [she is very clever],and there is a big pile of stirrups,back protectors and polishing cloths decorating the living room floor.All we need now is the pony.grin.We are collecting him at 3pm tomorrow and I think the dds will just about explode with excitement when he gets here.

dappleton Fri 10-Jun-11 18:41:11

Congratulations, sounds so exciting! Have fun, hope all goes well and keep us updated smile

Mirage Fri 10-Jun-11 20:43:20

Thankyou.It is pouring with much needed rain here for the first time in months,and is forecast to rain all weekend.Guess who will be out in it supervising the dds riding?grin

olderyetwider Fri 10-Jun-11 22:34:05

Fantastic news! Have a great day, and don't you dare be too busy to let us know how it went! Good luck getting DDs yourself to sleep tonight grin

ManateeEquineOhara Sat 11-Jun-11 17:43:21

grin How exciting. Let us all know how it goes.

Mirage Sat 11-Jun-11 18:12:48

He is here! He is happily stuffing his face in the little paddock.We have just popped home for some tea and will walk back over the field afterwards,to see him again.He boxed like an angel,DD1 who is a tiny dot despite being 7 was able to load him and unload him,something that she'd never done before.

We had a minor wobble when DD1 tripped and fell as she was leading him,he pulled to get some grass and managed to catch her with his hoof.She cried,but we made her get up and handle him again and they both took his travelling gear off and groomed him.I didn't want her to start off being frightened of him and she was fine once she'd gotten over it.

I was very relieved that my lovely horse expert neighbours were impressed with him-I was worried that they'd see him and think I'd made a mistake,I'm a bit out of touch as the last time I owned a pony was 1978.But they say he is a lovely little pony with all the correct conformation and points-pure luck on my part.grinHe is surprisingly strong for his size,but very good natured.I'll try and post a photo when we get back.

A friend who lives opposite the paddock has said that we can use his menage any time we want to.He has sold all his horses and it is sitting idle,so we have two different ones within a few hundred yards to use now-plus all my dad's farmland in the next village to ride over-we are very,very, lucky.

As for the girls not sleeping last night,I didn't.I was awake until gone 1am,then awake every hour from 4am.I'm pretty shattered now.

marialuisa Sat 11-Jun-11 19:56:25

Sounds wonderful, you know you won't sleep tonight either though, don't you?

ManateeEquineOhara Sat 11-Jun-11 20:33:45

Fabulous smile Your situation with the riding available sounds great too smile Do put a photo up!

Mirage Sat 11-Jun-11 21:16:22

I can't seem to load a photo,which is pretty annoying.He looked pretty pleased to see us when we went down the village,and came over to investigate.He soon went back to his grazing when he realised that there were no polos forthcoming.grin

First ride tomorrow morning before the rain sets in.

FannyPriceless Sat 11-Jun-11 22:00:29

How absolutely lovely! But we really do have to see a photo!grin

Mirage Sun 12-Jun-11 07:09:41

DD2 came into our room at 5.15 this morning,all jodhpured up and ready to go.She and DH went off to see him and poo pick at 5.30,and he followed them around the paddock quite happily.Just rousing DD1 and we'll go and have a ride before breakfast.Cross your fingers for

marialuisa Sun 12-Jun-11 08:23:22

Love it! Have promised DD unlimited time at the stables today. Poor pony in for a real treat judging by the ribbons and homemade quartermarkers.....

elephantpoo Sun 12-Jun-11 08:30:16

shock at 5.15!!

Glad it's "so far, so good" smile

Like FannyPriceless said - we need pictures!!

Enjoy x

Mirage Sun 12-Jun-11 13:41:18

Arghh! It still won't let me add photos.Will ask DH to have another go,but he has fallen asleep on the sofa,due to the early start.

Joshie has been a very good boy,easy to catch as he just follows you around like a very large dog.He suffered my cack handed attempts to tack him up [not done that for decades] with very good grace.The girls wanted me to walk and run alongside them until they get used to him,so I spent over an hour haring around the menage with them-I'm very very unfit.He tried it on when we practised bending through the cones and halfway through,tried to turn away and head back to the gate.Each time he did it,I turned him in a big circle and made him go back to the beginning to start again.It took about 3 goes before he clicked that it was easier to do as asked.grin

The girls both had a little trot and jump and DD1 wanted to ride without me alongside.We had a bit of a problem with him putting his head down and jerking her forward,so if anyone knows how to surmount that one,I'd be grateful.Apart from that he was an angel,especially considering he hasn't been ridden for a few months and is in a new home without his stablemate,it must be very odd to him.

Marialuisa,I hope you have a lovely day-better in a stable than out in the wind and rain today I

marialuisa Sun 12-Jun-11 15:40:09

DD's friends's pony does the head thing. I've seen him with grass reins (aka bits of bailer twine) when he's had a bad spell andmanged to get her on the floor.

Indoor school being watered so DD rode in the rain and then played with dpony (who will tolerate most things if some sort of foodstuff is available) but I had to call time due to being wet through. She desperately wants him to lie down when she's there but he won't oblige.

FannyPriceless Sun 12-Jun-11 16:47:11

mirage Like maria I would suggest grass reins or a Daisy rein. Sounds like it went well today!

SilverSky Sun 12-Jun-11 18:32:26

Ditto daisyrein! V useful!!

cedmonds Sun 12-Jun-11 21:44:28

Hi even use a daisy rein or grass reins /side reins. just make sure you cross them over above his withers (so right side goes to left ring of bit and left goes to right side of the bit) have the clip on his bit and the other end threaded though the d rings on his saddle.

Mirage Sun 12-Jun-11 22:23:18

Thanks for the advice.I'll order a pair of grass reins and be sure to cross t
hem over.I have a friend who is a riding instructor and who has offered to give the dds private lessons,so I'm going to ask her to come over.I think we'd all benefit from her input and she will benefit from the ££.

marialuisa,your DD's pony sounds lovely and very easy

Eve Mon 13-Jun-11 20:30:51

Dumb question, I sometimes use grass reins but never cross them over? Why do they need to be?

ManateeEquineOhara Tue 14-Jun-11 07:46:53

Eve - part of the action of grass reins is that they press on the pony's withers. But if you don't cross them and they work, I don't think not crossing does any harm!

A daisy rein is different, it is a single strap that runs down the top of the neck from the headpiece of the bridle to the saddle...the D rings I think but am not totally sure.

olderyetwider Tue 14-Jun-11 09:23:34

We made DH's big greedy mare a daisy rein from bailer twine. It worked really well (and looked very stylish indeed)

cedmonds Tue 14-Jun-11 18:55:02

Hi the grass reins can press on there withers so crossing them helps that they can act a bit like side reins therefor if they are a bit tight they can restrict the pony lots so it anything does go wrong it is safer i have seen very nasty accidents from people ridding in side reins to tight grass reins and would not like it to happen to a child

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