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Catch up tutors

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MalificentJones Sun 19-Jul-20 23:42:27

I’ve just spotted this in the TES.

It’s not clear when this tutoring is supposed to be happening or to how many pupils. It’s seems like yet another completely vague mirage of an idea.

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Hercwasonaroll Mon 20-Jul-20 13:25:56

Did you see this thread? Seems like total pish.

MalificentJones Mon 20-Jul-20 13:59:30

Oh no, I hadn't. Thanks. thanks

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Enoughnowstop Mon 20-Jul-20 16:31:01

Am I reading that right? Pay a qualified teacher £19k to..erm...teach?

ohthegoats Mon 20-Jul-20 19:22:15

And if you are unqualified you have to do 1 week more training than a qualified teacher. PGCE + NQT year in a week! Way to devalue teacher training, thanks!

MalificentJones Mon 20-Jul-20 20:46:45

I know! Wish I hadn’t bothered with the four years at university now.

It sounds like the whole thing will just come to nothing in the end.

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