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Jason Manford - gratitude to teachers

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BerriesAndLeaves Fri 10-Jul-20 21:31:20

I quite liked this article. Jason Manford saying he's going to drop his kids off on the first day of school and stand outside clapping for 7 hours and "“What will happen is a new found respect for teachers. Like, I think the complaining to teachers, blaming teachers, all that will have gone," he told the radio hosts.

"Next time, you know, you’re in school complaining about something, the teacher can literally go, ‘would you want to have a go yourself again?’ And you’ll go, ‘uh no, no, no, I’ll leave it, you’re right, whatever you say’.”

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BackforGood Fri 10-Jul-20 21:54:04

I like the fact he says he's going to stand outside the gates for 7 hours, clapping grin

JulyBreeze Sat 11-Jul-20 12:16:39

That's lovely and very true!

SeasonFinale Sun 12-Jul-20 15:08:03

He clearly hasn't read the MN threads then grin I do think there is a majority of parents who think this way with the vocal minority telling us otherwise on MN.

BerriesAndLeaves Sun 12-Jul-20 19:30:22

Yes. I'm a supportive/appreciative parent, but I don't really start threads about it on mumsnet.

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Mumtumwobble Mon 13-Jul-20 18:25:04

I think it’s easy to forgot that most people in real life do value teachers and appreciate how hard we work. Unfortunately they get over shadowed by a minor of goady posters on here who just want a fight. Real life is not like Mumsnet. Yes there it the odd parent at school who likes to moan and nothing is ever right (we all know who they are), but the vast majority are grateful.

PenOrPencil Tue 14-Jul-20 20:01:03

Please come to my school, Jason. I just had the most horrendous day dealing with a parent complaint.

BerriesAndLeaves Tue 14-Jul-20 21:13:53

Sorry to hear that. I hope it's only a very small proportion of parents who are like that.

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PenOrPencil Wed 15-Jul-20 15:28:22

Thanks, @BerriesAndLeaves. Luckily it is just a small but vocal minority. I am sooo tired and at the end of my strength, though, that it really got to me yesterday.

Calibrachoa Fri 17-Jul-20 00:43:18

David Tennant praising teachers. I tried to cut and paste the relevant bits but gave up!

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