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Exhausted after video lessons

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Murrfect Fri 19-Jun-20 17:28:19

I’m sooo tired I’ve had three days straight of 8:30-4pm video lessons.

Since half term I’ve picked up a colleague (who had a contract terminated early for cost saving sad) lessons and work full days no ppa Wednesday- Friday I’m exhausted, being in school would be better. I’m brain dead.

I’m like a CBeebies presenter ffs (secondary independent) I cannot face next week and doing this again. The planning the marking the constant grind of technical management

I just want to cry 😭 how there can be threads about us not doing enough I do not know

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sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 19-Jun-20 18:35:14

I'm sorry OP, my dd and ds's teachers are doing similar things and I really really appreciate it. Could you possibly pre-record some of your colleagues lessons and send the dc the link during their lesson time, and set up a google doc so they can ask questions as they watch the video?

Murrfect Fri 19-Jun-20 19:16:57

Thanks @sleepismysuperpower1 a lovely reply!

I’m fine really just a tsunami of self pity. I like my pupils and enjoy chatting to them as well as teaching them. I’m very lucky but it is like being constantly upbeat while never standing up. I do make videos they can watch and ask questions usually before the lessons. And make stuff/websites that they can interact with without me. But they want me there even when working quietly and independently. I think it’s the constantly sitting and looking into a webcam instead of moving around the room for hours and hours that gets me.

And I can’t do the huge volumes of marking when I’m spending extra time preparing and pastoral stuff urrgh self- pity is creeping back...

But thank you smile

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ohthegoats Fri 19-Jun-20 19:31:14

We're not even doing live videos, but just the planning and designing powerpoints to work well, then recording and blah blah... it's doing the same for me. It takes SO LONG. I'm exhausted. I am counting down the days to the summer holidays.

threestars Fri 19-Jun-20 19:33:51

I've just finished weeks and weeks of remote teaching. (Back in school now)
I'd always start with camera on, often move to sharing my screen, and then when they were doing the written work, would tell them I was there and available to answer questions, but would be on mute until I heard them/read their Qs in Chat. I'd either turn my video off too, so it switched to my avatar, or keep it in share screen with instructions/helpful stuff. I'd give them a time for the plenary.

That meant I could mark stuff on another tab/answer emails etc. and I'd always be checking back.

During lunch break it was really important to just take a coffee outside, close my eyes and listen to the silence/ birdsong/practise mindfulness. Get away from the screen.

The worst was when I was getting used to tech and realising its limitations - what opened fine for me in an app was all over the place as an online doc. Once that was conquered it was much easier.
Good luck.

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