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Prep for 1st June compared to key worker setup

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PhoebeFriends Wed 20-May-20 16:42:00

I am currently on the rota for Key Worker child support. Distancing doesn’t happen and there is no extra cleaning in place.

I have been bombarded by SLT with the health and safety plans for 1st June with plans for additional cleaning, how lunches will be organised, hand washing, use of resources etc.

I have asked for the health and safety procedures for key worker children to be looked at. Is anyone else in a similar situation in their school?

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pfrench Wed 20-May-20 17:12:53

There is no social distancing between children, and little between childrena and adults in our KW group. They've been the same for the whole time, although adults have been rota'd.

Their day is going to be quite different if/when we go back to school with other year groups. Suddenly much stricter in terms of cleaning and SDing.

basilika Wed 20-May-20 17:41:49

We are having to massively change our key worker provision. We've had about 30 children spread out between 4 classrooms and with free access to the whole playground and lots of active time in the hall.
They've been in the infant classrooms which open directly onto the playground.
They're having to move to LKS2 rooms, there will be a rota for the playground and our hall is becoming our staff room!
They will also only be allowed to mix in their rooms, they've been mixing with other rooms when they're outside.
In a way, we've treated our key workers as one big bubble, with no other bubbles around. That can't happen any more.

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