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Safeguarding Disclosure

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Remoteteacher Thu 07-May-20 14:59:54

This is always hard hitting, but more so when the whole world is working remotely and children are at home, where they should be safe.

Our SMT are not asking us to do live lessons or even all be online to the timetable, so just by chance I sent some feedback on a piece of work one of my class had just uploaded to Google classroom and she replied immediately. I thought she was a bit keen, but after a few messages, she wanted to tell me how awful it is at home and ask for help.

I won't go into the details, and rest assured I have reported using all the proper channels so she can have support, but I'm just utterly furious at the world right now.

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TheFallenMadonna Thu 07-May-20 15:10:54

Yep. We have children coming into school because they are safer in school than at home.

whatsleep Thu 07-May-20 18:32:53

Poor girl. Thank goodness she knew she could count on you to help her. Take some comfort from the fact that you must be lovely. It’s just horrible thinking about what some of our children are going through at home.

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