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“Resigned” after maternity now thinking a mistake

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Suzie2021 Wed 18-Mar-20 21:09:00

Currently on maternity and a week ago I emailed my head saying I’m not sure I want to return in September. I just had a really bad time there with a bullying HOD and unsupportive line manager. My head is fantastic but I just had enough. I Just felt I can’t live my life in such negative environment.

I also got offered a long term supply role at my sons school. Problem is I haven’t signed any contract yet for new school or sent a letter of resignation at old school. I feel I’m stuck in limbo now with the current news that schools closing this Friday and I don’t know if I made the right decision.

I’m in a lot of debt too so I am panicking at the prospect of not having a job come September. I know a lot of people are having a much much worse time than me but I just wanted to get a perspective from fellow teachers. I hate not knowing if schools will reopen in September or not.

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Useruseruserusee Wed 18-Mar-20 21:44:45

If you haven’t resigned officially yet, I wouldn’t. There’s too much uncertainty around to be giving up job security.

Suzie2021 Wed 18-Mar-20 21:55:29

I have been verbally offered the job at my sons school. Does this still count? I haven’t signed any contract yet so that’s why I’m confused on right decision or not.

I can’t go back to old school. I just can’t bear the thought of going there

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GivenchyDahhling Thu 19-Mar-20 15:45:51

Definitely don't resign.

Could you give your notice that you want to return to work now? I think you need to give so many weeks notice, but then if schools still aren't back you will probably be teaching from home (different schools having different set-ups for this), you will get your salary, and you will then be able to work the 13 weeks so that you don't have to repay maternity pay. With so much uncertainty right now they might not necessarily honour the long-term supply role.

Suzie2021 Thu 19-Mar-20 17:25:51

My current school is open from next week until summer and are expecting each department member to come in. I’ve been sent the contract for new school today so that’s a relief!

What shall I do? If I offer to go back to old school just for maternity pay who will take care of my kids? My husband Will still be working so he’s unable to take care of them.

I just feel so confused. I’ll have to pay back 12 weeks of half pay, I was part time

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Suzie2021 Thu 19-Mar-20 17:32:56

I’m thinking it’s just 6 weeks of normal pay I’ll have to give back to school if I don’t return. Maybe it’s worth it for peace of mind. I couldn’t sleep last night worrying about money but in the scheme of things it’s 6 weeks.

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GenderApostate19 Fri 20-Mar-20 06:31:17

The Teachers on Mat leave at the Academy chain where my Daughter teaches have been told as long as they say they will return to work when Schools are back to normal, they will get full pay when Mat leave ends and Teachers like my Daughter with a baby under 12 months(who has literally just returned from mat leave) are NOT required to work in the schools during this crisis.
She will WFH supporting other teachers.
She has volunteered to deliver food packs etc.

Blondieblond Sat 21-Mar-20 10:16:19

Same situation but I actually resigned at Feb half term. Now worried about the jobs market!

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