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PGCE interview presentation?

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mynamesmrdiggety Wed 19-Feb-20 20:00:38

19 years ago I was offered a place at Durham and decided to work instead. Financially I'm probably much better off but for career satisfaction and stability I wish I'd gone for it to be honest. Do it!

APurpleSquirrel Wed 19-Feb-20 19:31:21

Thank you for the feedback - had my presentation & Interview today, did Oi Frog & have been offered a place. Now I need to decide if I want it.

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biscuitcat Wed 12-Feb-20 18:26:31

I trained at Exeter for my PGCE (secondary) a few years ago, it was a good course, I enjoyed it a lot! I think using Oi Frog is a good idea, but as a pp said, maybe make your own resource to take in? Or even just using the book itself as your resource and explaining a creative way to use it could work? Good luck!

TheletterZ Tue 11-Feb-20 21:57:27

Why would you create your own resource for this? You have a book and some great idea (hopefully) from the publisher. You need to explain how you would use them in a class, how would you support those who might struggle to access it initially, how you could tie it into different areas they are studying.
Sounds like a good plan to me.

APurpleSquirrel Tue 11-Feb-20 20:40:31

Thanks. It's tricky as I'd thought of book originally & then found the teaching reassures from the publisher which were most of the ideas I'd had.

@SansaSnark when you say general what do you mean? Not a specific book, just books in general?

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SansaSnark Tue 11-Feb-20 17:19:10

I interviewed at Exeter a few years ago- although I ended up training elsewhere. I agree that showing something you've made/come up with yourself might be a stronger idea than premade resources. Most people went more general, rather than specific about resources for one book.

That said, I don't think my resources were very exciting- I think it was a science revision game- and I got an offer, so who knows!

rillette Tue 11-Feb-20 16:35:43

Personally I would do something I'd come up with myself rather than some pre-made resources. They're not looking for the finished product but I think showing you can come up with ideas on how to exploit a resource is far more powerful than showing a book and the publisher's accompanying resources.

Good luck!

APurpleSquirrel Tue 11-Feb-20 16:10:22

I have an interview at Exeter Uni next week for their PGCE Primary English programme & we have to prepare a two minute presentation using a teaching resource & explain how it might be used in teaching.

I'm thinking of using Oi Frog (book) & there are some teaching resources already made by the publishers which I can use. Does that sound ok? Anyone with any experience of E eyed Uni's TT Interview day?

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