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Tell me about your primary art curriculum

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Stringervest Sat 01-Feb-20 06:46:08

DH has asked me to post on here as he has been tasked with overhauling the art curriculum in his primary school which essentially means starting from scratch. I'm 37 weeks pregnant so he's trying to do all he can before chaos descends.

He's looking for a skills progression grid plus any off the peg schemes or programmes which help teachers deliver a high quality art curriculum. He says he's found surprisingly little compared with what's out there for core subjects.

I suggested posting on here to see if anyone can recommend something they've used.

Thanks in advance! smile

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absopugginglutely Sat 01-Feb-20 08:57:37

We just link it to all the other subjects, we don’t have stand alone art lessons.
An easy way to do this is to get all of the art NC objectives, link them to the other subject rolling programmes and there you have it!
As long as in RE they’re doing 3D models of something and in literacy they’re painting in the style of a famous artist some of the characters from the story they’re looking at etc etc it will be fine and pretty low maintenance!

Stringervest Sat 01-Feb-20 17:50:41

Thank you! Would that satisfy OFSTED's new objectives do you think? As in - would the kids get and be able to articulate that they're learning an art skill rather than just doing something as part of another subject?

I suppose the answer to that is 'maybe' depending on how the lesson is presented and taught!

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SparkleTwinkleShine Tue 04-Feb-20 21:44:10

First link on google search any good?

cabbageking Tue 04-Feb-20 21:53:27

Look at the Artsmark requirements perhaps?

charliesweb Sun 09-Feb-20 09:49:29

We had Ofsted in October and Art was our deep dive. I have been art leader since September. I would recommend implementing a skills progression LT overview. There are loads online if you google. I had to speak to the inspector and tell her how the children progress in painting and sculpture from EYFS to Y6. I think I would have struggled if art was only delivered as an enhancement to other subjects. Ofsted want to see how children progress in their learning and how they build in the learning from previous years.

Stringervest Sun 09-Feb-20 11:55:34

Thank you to everyone has replied, this is all extremely helpful and very much appreciated!

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LyndaLaHughes Sun 23-Feb-20 00:30:34

Twinkl has a whole scheme of work with progression and resources for Art.

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