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MrsBooks Mon 13-Jan-20 18:01:34

So by some miracle I've just landed the job of librarian at a primary school! I currently work in Admin / finance in an early years setting and while I'm really excited about the role, I don't have any practical library experience. The role is only over 3 x half days per week, working under a member of the SLT. Can anyone give me any info on what I can expect? Be it how your school library operates, what you'd like to see in it. If you are in a similar role and wouldnt mind sharing what you do in a normal day I'd really appreciate it!! Thank you flowers

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Geraniumblue Tue 14-Jan-20 20:47:36

Sounds like a lovely job. Our librarian runs a book club and has library monitors, (Year 6). issues lists of books that are overdue and orders new ones. She’s involved in world book day too. There’s sometimes a book quiz competition. The library issues and returns run on a simple database system that the children can operate too (junior librarian) There is a space for children to relax, browse books, some colouring sheets and pencils. It’s all low shelving and bean bags and bright colours. Ideally I would like to see a good range of books- Fiction and non-fiction including new publications. Very short chapter books for readers who are just finding their feet are usually especially needed.

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