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From Primary to secondary teaching?

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LolaSmiles Mon 13-May-19 20:46:06

Going from primary to secondary English is possible as long as you can prove to a school you have the subhect knowledge to teach the top at GCSE. If you have a degree in English then that's easier, if not you'll need to get a good route in.

The best route might be to try for a job in a school that has lower literacy levels where being primary trained will be a real asset to offer (vs high performing with high KS2 entry where subject knowledge might be questioned). You might find some schools are seeking intervention teaching and that can be a good way in as well.

The subject knowledge is likely to be the sticking point for quite a few schools.

clayspaniel Sun 12-May-19 12:39:54

I have been a primary teacher for over 25 years but would now like to change to teach English at secondary. Has anyone done this or know a route into this?

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