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Disclosure checks

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Jayblue Thu 21-Mar-19 18:57:04

I'm a PGCE student who is currently applying for jobs and I have an interview soon! The school have emailed me and they are asking for a passport, driving license and two forms of proof of address for "disclosure checks".

The problem is, I don't have two forms of proof of address! I'm pretty much paperless, and I also don't really get things delivered to my current (temporary address). Due to the nature of my current accommodation, I don't pay utility bills as they are all included in my rent. My bank statements etc get sent to my parents' address as it's more secure.

I do have my driving license, passport and birth certificate, and could possibly get my parents to send me my last P45. This is fine for a DBS check, but the school have specifically asked for proof of address. Is this something that's required for additional checks? If so, does anyone have any advice about what to do when you can't provide it?

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CraftyGin Thu 21-Mar-19 20:11:46

It’s part of Safer Recruitment.

Send them what you can, with a covering note.

DobbyTheHouseElk Thu 21-Mar-19 20:13:50

What about your tenancy agreement.

OKBobble Thu 21-Mar-19 20:14:28

Copy tenancy agreement showing the address?

Any paperless accounts show the actual address so you could screenshot and print?

Lulu1919 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:15:29

Can your landlord or whomever give you a letter showing your rental payments of the address ??
Or something from Uni ?

Bebe03 Thu 21-Mar-19 20:23:10

Print bank statements. If no printer go to the bank & they will print. If no local bank, ring & they will post

TheWildRumpyPumpus Thu 21-Mar-19 20:25:22

Your driving license should match the address you are living at? Other than that are you on the electoral roll at your current address?

Jayblue Fri 22-Mar-19 07:43:07

I agree I can get a tenancy agreement showing my current address, but it's a short term let for term time only. Everything else matches my permanent address.

I can get a bank statement printed but this will show my permanent address, which matches my driving licence etc. I'm also on the electoral roll there. I'm living at this current address just for the duration of my second placement--less than six months and I'm essentially a lodger there. I don't want any important post coming here as it's quite insecure.

Basically I can probably provide one form of additional proof of address for either address but providing two in addition to my driving licence is going to be tricky. Hopefully along with my birth certificate this should be enough.

I fully understand the importance of safer recruitment but given the distances many PGCE students are expected to travel for placement I'm sure I'm not the only person who is in this position.

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Jayblue Fri 22-Mar-19 07:48:11

I do appreciate the suggestions though so hopefully I can work something out!

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Heyha Fri 22-Mar-19 07:55:55

Difficult one- have you got a mobile phone contract? That usually counts as a bill if you had the initial agreement posted to you.
If your driving licence matches your parents' address your other docs will need to too, so a printed bank statement should do the job. Or what about student loan paperwork?
To be honest if you take as much as you can to the interview and explain your student situation it's unlikely to be a complete deal-breaker on the day at interview stage (licence and passport are good solid start) but if you are offered the post you'll need to be able to supply the rest ASAP.

BringOnTheScience Fri 22-Mar-19 08:05:58

Talk to your Uni. There will be other students in the same situation.

Jayblue Fri 22-Mar-19 18:44:02

The school have confirmed that they're happy to use my permanent address. I can get a bank statement printed tomorrow, and will investigate other options- I do have a mobile phone contract (although it's around a year old now) so maybe they will be able to print me a recent bill or similar!

If not, I will definitely speak to my university for advice.

Thank you for all the helpful ideas!

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Heyha Fri 22-Mar-19 20:03:36

That's fantastic (and a bonus that you've been forward-thinking and contacted them with a sensible question, that always makes me feel favourable towards a candidate!). Good luck for your interview smile

LizzieBananas Sat 23-Mar-19 18:57:22

I used bank statement, printed off, and student loan paperwork; both from the address I grew up at.

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