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How do you cope with stress?

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cryingandcrap Sun 10-Mar-19 06:18:59

I'm a failing PGCE student. I'm coming to the end of school placement 2 and about to go into my third and final placement but I am convinced that I will fail my placement this time round. I've felt ill all weekend and have been trying to plan my final placement observation at the end of this week but can't seem to get anything decent sorted it. I have a fantastic mentor, he moves heaven and earth to help but you can't make a silk purse out of the pigs ear that is me. I haven't got the teacher standards signed off yet for this placement.

Normally I'm OK with it all and love it but this weekend I've been in a real state over it all and cried myself to sleep last night.

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keebo Sun 10-Mar-19 07:07:56

I'm a teacher, I've mentored PGCE students and NQTs.
Firstly, it's great that you feel like your current mentor is supportive but you need to come up with some plans. Look carefully at which teacher standards you're failing at and then talk to the uni about it. What can they do to help? Look at some extra online courses, talk to one of the unions too, they have lots of support programmes. Make a plan with your uni about what you need in order to succeed in your final placement and talk to the next placement in advance. Others are there to support you, but you are the one who'll have to alter your approach.
Secondly, if you're really struggling, you need to think about whether this is the right job for you. Teaching can be immensely rewarding but can also be brutally hard, particularly in your NQT year (often much harder than the PGCE year). Perhaps, you are better suited to another role within education?
If you do decide to continue, think really carefully about your next year. Don't accept just any job in any school, take the time to find the right school who, again, will help you with whichever teacher standards you struggle with. E.g. don't go to a school where behaviour is more volatile if you struggle with TS7.
There's also a free teacher counselling number with education support partnership
UK-wide: 08000 562 561
Txt: 07909 341229
They don't advise, just listen, so can be really useful with helping deal with stress.
I do hope that you sort this, in whichever way works out best for you. All careers are a choice and it's ok to change your mind about your choices but it's also ok to have to learn how to be good at any job - particularly teaching as learning is what it's all about!
Good luck!
BTW, I deal with stress with exercise, gardening and constant top-ups of happiness thinking. Check out The Art of Being Brilliant by Andy Cope and Spread the Happiness with Shonette Bason Wood (also a trained teachers).

cryingandcrap Mon 11-Mar-19 22:22:36

Thank you

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